Sam has two ideological commitments in conflict (from Livestream #151)

Sam Harris on being wrong

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #151 (originally streamed live on Nov 26, 2022):

The End of Faith…in Sam Harris:

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  1. Crypto technology has obvious merits but violates/competes with the state's monopoly to control currencies, not unlike alcohol moonshine, "Bootleg liquor"? Cryptocurrencies were a three $trillion business model, down to a $trillion now.

  2. What disappoints me about Harris is his seeming complete unawareness about how he let his emotional response to Trump and his supporters complete derail his logical thought process and let his intellect work in favor of bolstering his preconceived notions. I'm not criticizing him so much about that happening to him. Motivated reasoning is something that happens to the best of us. But from what I can tell his whole schtick is how he has, through meditation and psychotropic drug use, achieved an outside perspective upon his own thought processes and how that has helped him become aware of and avoid exactly this sort of emotionally motivated reasoning. If there was a better way of illustrating what an utter load of BS that is than his stance on so many subjects in the last few years, I can't conceive of it.

  3. I wonder how much they paid Sam. In my mind Sam is far too intelligent to not see the reality of all the things going on. It just doesn't make sense to me that someone like me who isn't in any way above average in intellect can see the obvious evidence contrary to the narrative, the obvious collusion etc but Sam can't?

  4. Sam found himself at the painful intersection of ideology, truth and ego. We all suffer with this at times, but when it happens in a public setting it sure looks bad.

  5. When Sam Harris went on Bill Maher's podcast, he talked about whose opinions he cared about in the sense that there is a circle of people that he seeks validation from. It's the liberal elites. He might be a really smart guy, but his character is not worth emulating

  6. Sam deferring to Fauci as a heuristic proxy is even worse than what you're saying. Fauci is a lifelong bureaucrat who rose to the top of a system that's antithetical to the scientific method. Fauci's flip-flops on masks and mandates were based on political expediency. His failure to recognize natural immunity was a blatant corrupt ploy to push experimental vaccines. Continuing to follow Fauci's lead after the internal emails were released was an absurdity. Once you account for his gain of function deception in front of Congress, you'd have to be blind as a bat to continue to miss what was happening.

  7. I think it shows ol' Sam isn't beneath being brain washed. Folks went way out on a limb with this, it's understandable, if not predictable, how far they'll go excusing their awful behavior. I'd hate to have to live with that AND the shot too!

  8. I had tremendous respect for Sam Harris based on his individual podcasts. He was spot on with Chalres Murray about Bell Curve and also with BLM and various aspects of that movement like crime, but then when integrated you realized his positions were often incompatable and he is smart enough to know it. So he was not interested in the truth. Similar to Steven J Gould literally my hero but then I realized his pillars of knowledge were incompatible and that this is a tell for the woke ideology. The flaws come out during integration and the people playing the game look past this. Then the wheels fell off Gould and I realized people like Simon Conway Morris are way better scientists. So you can build a platform on pillars that are incompatible. Each pillar is strong using the context it is defined within, but the overall structure is not based on valid logic.

  9. The part that folks just aren't getting is that this is a screwing to all of us! Doesn't matter your race, sexual preference, religion,…'s ONE instance where they aren't discriminating. The quicker people get that through their consuming heads, the quicker we take these assholes down. Sam thinks he's too smart to depopulate 🙄😜

  10. I really appreciate the honest discourse. The big trap seems to fall into one of two categories, 1) the stereotypical superficial politician flip-flopping where they refuse to acknowledge a previous position and can't or won't explain how and why their position changed and 2) you're so steeped in your own BS that you can't accept that 'new information has come to light', process it and adjust your position. None of this seems out of character for Sam Harris though, I've always been troubled by the conflict between his 'spiritual atheism' and his completely unnuanced and (bordering on) genocidal approach to dealing with radical Islam, or even Islam as a whole. It seems, like so many, he took the same tact with Trump and now COVID.

  11. Many people are free thinkers but not truth seekers. Russel Brand comes to mind. But, many people are so free thinking and open-minded their brains fall out! Thus, too many "God's not the boss of me…I am!". Atheists can't cope with the intellectual chaos rooted in a lack of a moral conscience. Some, like Sam, have been gifted (by God) with above average intelligence, but, even Sam can't escape the basic hypocrisy of Atheism.

    Atheism beliefs are at animal level, in that, all Atheists, by rejecting God are "mini God's" , can who decide each for their self, how to morally conduct themselves…and if another Atheist, as their own god, disagrees, well, let's pray that they can reach peaceful agreement rather than resort to violence, as is the case with most "eat or be eaten" existances…should one of those Atheist gods not agree with the other Atheist god.

    Religions, while not perfect, at least typically have at least one big god (a third party) who unifies morality and can be consulted before and during conflicts.

    I recommend something even better…a personal friendship with New Testament Jesus, our Divine Creator and Resurrected Savior. When a Moral Immortal guides your mortal moral (not animal) mind (by invite, not imposition) you'll know a discerning wisdom and peace that passes beyond limited mortal human understanding.

  12. No accountability is top down. When was the last time one of these guys was held responsible?!? We just keep going in circles without any progress. Now our country is ripe for just about anyone to take over. Some would say this is by design.

  13. If Sam was ever your intellectual "hero", then you're not much beter. Always remember that intelligence is compartmentalized; this will keep you from the idolatry of intellect.

  14. It really is interesting to see. I used to listen to SH's every word on his podcast, but I eventually moved on to other things when he started getting TDS (I wasn't a Trump fan, I just didn't care to hear Trump rants). He is legitimately a brilliant man. What's crazy to see is that even really smart people like Sam can fall into patterns like this.

  15. I used to search for anywhere Sam was speaking because of his sense making even on things like guns. I don’t understand what happened, it is like trump totally derailed him. I thought for a bit that he was really upset with the people thinking that trump had fooled the masses which for the most part I don’t believe to be true. I believe they had no choice I know that’s how I felt. Kind of likeHershel and shwortsnock. Of course Hershel doesn’t belong there but you also know that shortstock will vote with dems no matter the bill. So…. Hershel it is. I tried listening to Sam just the other day and it wasn’t long before I was referred to as a member of trumpistan. I am no fan of trump but I would like to see any of the top dems stand up to the kind of investigations that he has went through the past 6 yrs. How would they fair? In my opinion that has turned out to be the thing I am most impressed with on trump. Other than that he just wants to be loved the same as Sam. Brett just pick up the phone and call,tell Sam you love him and everything will be well… if not it will still give me a chuckle. (I don’t really chuckle) keep on keeping on friend. (You don’t know me) keep speaking the truth until I’m not ok with it (I’ll call or something and let you know)
    Love you two (Brett of course you a bit more just because of your raw sexual beast like ways) you remind me of a cross between an bonollo and a pangalin. (Those are the true original spellings of the two critters) ((if you were wondering)) why are you still reading this nonsense dont you have a civilization to help save? Now you and musk get out there and do this!! I’m just gonna hang here at the house and watch on MYTUBE. Good luck y’all are gonna need it. Oh I have a plan if you ever get desperate enough to need one. It can’t be spoken of of course until it is implemented. 😮what what what! Take care

  16. I unfortunately cannot see Sam ever admitting his mistakes—at least not one of this magnitude. I can tell he is a super sharp guy, but I have very little respect for him, as he is essentially the perfect secular progressive complement to a disingenuous TV evangelist or conservative shock jock. Far too often I've seen his communication with dissenters devolve into something on par with what you see from the typical Reddit manchild. I have much more respect for Dawkins and Dennett, and even the likes of Coyne and Krauss, all of whom are legitimate and highly published in their respective fields. "Dr" Harris does not work or act like a scientist. Apart from his dissertation and maybe one or two other pieces, he is published only as a popular polemicist who is always out of his depth in philosophy and whose "scientific" conclusions are often out of bounds.

  17. I always thought that Trump Derangement Syndrome was just something that was said online with regards to the Russia collusion claims and similar things to do with Trump during his term, but after seeing Sam Harris on triggernometry, knowing how he used to talk and act, and how illogical he was being, it seems like TDS could be an actual real diagnosis in some weird way.
    Sam Harris and a lot of media pundits seemingly do actually have it.

  18. Seems the folks you describe (Sam et al) fell for something like the logical fallacy of "appeal to authority" – even if not verbalized, that is how they made their decisions. And it's understandable since it is a very specialized topic that is above most people's knowledge levels. What people seem to be blind to, re Covid, is that while it is/was novel, the SYMPTOMS and underlying causes were not. We know how to treat respiratory viruses. We know how to control inflammation and mitigate clotting and boost our immune system. Everyone froze when they thought there was a fire in the house. Instead of grabbing sand and water, they waited for the authorities to design a new "special" fire suppression method – they "appealed to authority" to freeze, do nothing, panic and wait.

  19. Thank God for this couple! They consistently teach the world the principles of higher order thinking, coherence, objectivity, effective explanation, the Scientific Method, honesty, and integrity.

  20. Could you just take the best of all from people and just have disagreements here and there? I really like to listen to what you have to say and I also listen to Sam. Our lives and experiences are very different. I’m just a lower middle class blue worker and you guys are intellectuals. Of course my reality is far different than yours and I don’t agree with neither one of you 100% of the time. However, both Sam Harris and the both of you, are very interesting and have enriched my life as a result.

  21. All people do what Sam does to some degree or another – its just a question of degree. Sam is being consistent with his reality and his truth and therefore there is no conflict. The problem is the foundational level of secular philosophy. Sam is being 100% consistent with secular philosophy and its logical impact on science and thinking. To have actual virtue and a moral approach to science one must be logically inconsistent with secular philosophy and steal virtue from a theistic world view.

  22. Even when I appreciated some of Harris' contributions (even after Peterson dismantled him in their debates) I always knew he had a blind spot when it came to all things Trump. When Trump came up Harris always got visibly emotional and said clearly unthoughtout comments. Harris' recently coming out for suppression of free speech, autocracy & tyrannical rule only confirmed my suspicions. Harris has lost all credibility.

  23. I’m confused them saying “the CDC lied so I’m not getting boosted” is not thinking,don’t they agree with that statement generally? I know they aren’t vans of the Jab so can someone please explain what they’re trying to say?

  24. You remember when this new wave wokism started to happen. I remember it was over 10 years ago, atheists vs theists. Richard Dawkins and Sam leading the charge.

    Then the atheist groups splintered and started gatekeeping, on platforms like gamergate, twitter, instagram….

    I used to support the rationalism of Dawkins, until I looked at the crowd supporting him and the gradual change. Then I noticed it becoming twisted.

  25. Just because someone can "think" doesnt mean they are correct. Ive always thought sam went off the rails right out of the box anytime he sat next to jordan peterson. It was like watching a super intelligent common sensed man talk to a stoner.

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