San Francisco Mandates Proof Of FULL Vaccination To Get Into Almost ANYTHING

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Kyle Becker of to break down what the new vaccination passport rules mean in California.

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Guest: Kyle Becker
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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. People aren't having this. No one cares anymore. Its so obviously about some ulterior agenda you have to be blind at this point to not realize its not about keeping people from getting sick. Its about the deep state panicking that they overplayed their hand.

  2. This is their way to deal with the looters.
    They lack the polical will to stop it, so this takes care of the problem for them.

    Looters arrived at desired location, stopped at the door, asked for papers.
    No papers, no entry.

    Now, if the looters barge in anyway the police can be called, whereas before they couldn't be called for merely looting.

  3. So you can intentionally infect someone with HIV without any penalty, but go about your daily life you need paperwork. Oh okay sure makes sense.

  4. The system is a two tier slavery network. Those who bust their asses paying taxes barely making it by with no time to organize or speak out, and the others who are so dependent on the nanny state they will do anything to keep that gravy train going. It's completely unsustainable.

  5. People, dont stand up to shit. Only risk your job if it is a safe risk, the advice from tim saying push back is bad. He is surrounded by likeminded people and has his own business and is not working for another who is in charge of their income. He can say what he likes, but the reality is people need to eat.
    Having said that, if a large group of people push back, push back with them. Honestly it is a case of safety in numbers. Fight the power but fight smart.