Sanitising Uvalde

Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche

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  1. They could say that they wanted to prevent further bloodshed by keeping more potential targets for the shooter out of the building.
    But in my opinion that argument went down the toilet the moment they kept one of their officers from taking action, even cuffing him. I wonder if his child died before or after that. But no matter when, my heart goes out to all the parents and people who lost children and loved ones in this senseless massacre.

  2. Never seen the American people more united over something than this. From what I can see online anyway .. both sides both seem to be in agreement for once. I’m hopeful this tragic event could finally bring them together to better their country. Just my opinion

  3. So far, the one group I haven't heard floating the "cowardice" bullshit are people who actually do that kind of thing. It's funny how many people are brave from miles and days away. This isn't to say that the entire thing was handled right; this was a copper-plated example of a massive shit show. But it seems to me that no one who says "coward" has ever been, or will ever be, in a position where they face being killed and going forward anyway.

    As a point of fact, moreover, virtually every time we hear of a shooting we see evidence that the average police officer does not have the training or experience to confront a shooter in anything but the most straightforward circumstances. That we do not hear of loads of random people being killed by a stray bullet that the police sprayed in the general direction of their target is a constant miracle, and we no longer have young men coming back from a war and some of them going into law enforcement. Thus you have most cops with a combination of poor marksmanship and having never been shot at, and people think that cowardice is why they hesitate to walk into a situation where the bullets are flying, especially when they are being not to.

  4. They were cowards who actively helped the shooter by their cowardice and preventing people with the stones to do anything from being heroes. Mothers father's and strangers alike

  5. The immorality of standing by when an active shooter is murdering children and you have the tools to stop him is clear and well discussed already. However, would you look at the total incompetence of their tactics. Jesus, it's been a while since I've run a clearing a building exercise, but even I could've run a better tactical response to an active shooter. This is another point to make to the gun grabbers. Not only are the police not there when you need them, whether they would do anything if they were there is a coin toss and even if they decided to do something their training is so bad they are no better than your average gun owner. I would argue an average citizen carrying everyday is probably better trained in the use of their firearm than your local pd.

  6. I think what we are seeing here, are the final stages of successful demoralization of a society, where those tasked with and paid for to protect it simply do not care anymore or are too cowardly to risk anything. The moral and spiritual rot has eaten away any courage or sense of duty in the men who abandon their duty for a society in collapse no longer worth saving or fighting for.

  7. I think the command to be absolutely useless came right from the top and by top I mean the globalist democrat elites. I do NOT believe it's just a lucky coincidence that while the Democrats are desperately looking for excuses to disarm Americans (before moving to the next stage of their plan to destroy and dominate) that suddenly… oh, well, what do ya know, look what we have here… a school shooting occurs with mass casualties.

  8. I'm generally not one for crying but I'm on the verge of tears thinking about how that father must feel. Imagine going to work every day and having to greet and interact with the very people who held you back while your 10 year old was being murdered only a few feet from you.

  9. Regarding the timing of the release to the public… The families of the victims of are also members of the public and therefore they're able to watch the released footage along with everyone else if they want to. I understand wanting to inform the families first regarding the actual death notifications, but that doesn't need to happen for video footage related to the situation that led to the deaths of the victims. I mean, when 9/11 happened, the footage of it was shown right away. It wasn't withheld until all the families of the victims got to see it.

  10. Saying that the citizens of Uvalde support gun control is not even accurate. The majority of citizens are not in favor of leaving their safety in the hands of the police. The majority of citizens have common sense. However, the mainstream media was quick to find the tiny minority of citizens who have no sense and therefore support gun control and those are the ret@rd$ that the MSM chooses to highlight.

  11. This case goes to demonstrate why you should always be willing to tell your boss to go f*ck themselves, take control and do what has to be done.

    Edited so YT would let me post lol

  12. 13:50 You insufferable pricks! Seriously. God forbid he had a Punisher screensaver because THAT tells you everything about him, right? Turns out his wife was one of the teachers who got killed that day. She texted him before she died. This is the exact reason why I hate kneejerk reactions.

  13. According to Texas Representative Joe Moody, the officer who was checking his cell phone was the husband of one of the teachers that were killed in the classroom. She had called him to tell him she was dying. I think the guy has suffered enough.

  14. Cannot justify gun restriction and confiscation if law enforcement actually enforces the law in a proactive and functional manner.

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