Sarah Silverman Called Racist for Criticizing Joy-Ann Reid

Comedian Sarah Silverman ran afoul of Democratic Party defenders and partisans when she tweeted mild criticism of MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid over a CNN story about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis establishing a state force independent of the National Guard. Silverman was called racist and widely dragged by BlueAnon types for having the temerity to criticize the Harvard-educated MSNBC host.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the story.

Read more about the story here:

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  1. Also Silverperson should realise she should want trouble. If ideals like truth, equality, the right to a decent income for work, anti-war and actual racial justice matter anything at all to you you should want trouble with these garbage people 24/7. You will find allies.

  2. I think Sarah needs to realize just because you're not Democrat doesn't mean youre Republican. You don't have to agree with both sides. Both sides are wrong on a lot. But when the right is more sensible than the left it just feels biblical.

  3. remember when she got caught lying about the owner of a comedy club accusing him of paying her less becuse of sexism, she later had to apologise because she was talking shit. feel no sympathy.

  4. 🤣 them dems are so funny 😂 they are acting like mean children. It’s exactly like the cult of Donald Trump. If you step out of line in the Democratic Party you’re a Nazi, if you step out of line among Trumpers you are a communist.

  5. DeSantis is one man that knows how to promise and deliver. It's got nothing to do with Republicans or Democrat. It's to do with Basic human rights and all round just running a state for the people. Just because DeSantis has made Florida into a profitable, no firing, no mask, no mandate, monoclonal antibody giving, job creating, state and wants a civilian guard to protect the them from the scum states that wants to break it down.

  6. If people on the left would've bothered to call this kind of behavior out earlier, a Trump would never have been happening (or necessary for a wake up call).

    Unfortunately the lack of calling each other out on the left led to those people now being in positions of power and being spread in all institutions. It isnt even an uphill battle anymore. Its simply too late. That "why do you assume she didnt read the article"-tweet is exactly what will make any discussion involving woke blacks impossible.

  7. This is colonialism not democratic party vs republican party. Let the two parties fight. State militias have its roots slave patrolling Africans. The economic crisis is deepening and the local ruling class is preparing for rebellions. This entire premise of this show is misdirection that the economic crisis is the crisis of colonial-capitalism. Whether it’s California or Florida it’s preparing for counterinsurgency.

  8. There is 1 right wing – Republicans and 1 far right- Dems. The KKK creators still live on. They just took a new route to wipe out ppl. Give the ppl what they want with no accountability. Do they think bailing out criminals, allowing low bail to criminals that hurt society more. Not incriminating criminals

  9. So Dore's a republican now? He loves Fox News, never criticizes the lunatic right, now this. Where does he stand exactly? And no one cares that Silverman was nice to you. That matters to you, and it should, but we don't care. It's not about you.

  10. I’m glad to hear Sarah is a nice person. I have always thought that she is the hotest female comedian on the planet. She’s probably also the funniest. Her Make-A-Wish foundation joke is without equal.

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