Sargon Of Akkad Explains The Intersectional Left’s World View

From Modern Wisdom Podcast – Sargon Of Akkad | Why Are We Facing A Crisis In 2020?
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  1. I don't understand what he’s getting at. First, he gives you the impression that he’s about to talk about some basic mindset that is common or fundamental to the entire intersectional left family of ideas or world view but focuses in on the transgendered issue specifically in a way that doesn’t seem to relate to BLM or feminism. Secondly, I don’t think the mainstream left position on the transgendered issue is that a person can will themselves to be male or female. I think the mainstream left position is that gender is social or psychological and doesn’t entirely overlap with biological sex even though there’s supposed to be some kind of a connection which explains the need for transition (most conservatives and most people accept this because they normally talk about feminine men or masculine mental traits and so on. I don’t believe in psychological gender but as most people seem to they should accept the possibility of psychologically male or female people with female or male bodies. If biological sex is fundamentally unrelated to human psychology, which wouldn’t contradict literal statistical gender norms, then there’s no valid basis for normative gender roles or a lot of our ideas about gender and personality). There’s a difference between making a claim about something, true or false, and willing yourself to be something (which arguably implies accepting that you are not that thing, unless you’re willing yourself to remain that thing. and ‘willing’ is not the same thing as ‘identifying as’). Objective reality is not biology or what we can touch, it’s what is factually real and the ‘empiricism’ of the scientific method is rooted in past sensory observation in the context of certain subjective common sense assumptions that can’t be legitimized by ‘empirical evidence’. There is no objective ‘empirical evidence’ for the existence of a physical world, the sensory ‘empiricism’ of science is, for all intents and purposes, legitimized by helping us to accurately predict observable natural phenomenon but it doesn’t validate philosophical claims about the nature of reality. Consciousness is objectively real despite no one having any sensory access to another person’s first person mental states. He seems to give the impression that determinism and materialism are antithetical to the leftist world view even though conservatives are probably more likely to accept the concept of a sovereign will not tied to the deterministic physical laws of biology. By international standards, people in English speaking (Western) countries are probably far more likely, generally, to accept the validity of the transgendered identity.

    I don’t understand what exactly he’s trying to say. I watched this a while ago now but how would will being or not being the result of deterministic biology mean the idea that you could will your gender contradicts ‘empiricism’ (can you will yourself to develop certain character traits? What if you had a species where neurological activity corresponding with willing actually could affect their bodily sex? Some species actually do change genders throughout their lives. The issue at hand is largely what ‘gender’ is, even progressives acknowledge that a transwoman was born with a biologically male body. Some of them probably believe that trans women have ‘female brains’ – I don’t think there’s any evidence for this). My own position on the transgendered issue is that if people who either naturally self-identify as male or female or want to be perceived as men or women and find that to be a more appealing self-image for themselves are happier self-identifying as men or women or masculinizing / feminizing their bodies or if we treat and accept them as such then we should treat them as they’re preferred gender and not challenge their self-identification regardless of whether or not they are biologically or factually in any sense male or female (if there’s another way to minimize gender dysphoria, for at least some people, then I would be open to that, especially considering the potential regret or psychological harm hormonal therapy and surgery might indirectly or directly cause them). It took forever to post this, my computer froze and Word didn’t autosave everything.

  2. I think it is pretty old-fashioned to be talking as if "the will" is a thing, and I'm pretty sure the Identitarian Left does not think in those terms.

  3. Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Critical Gender Theory (CGT) are ABSURD. "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire

  4. It is essentially an extended manifestation of schoolyard politics well into adulthood.
    – tribalism
    – bullying
    – name calling
    – lack of critical thinking
    – lack of coping skills
    – dependence on authority to provide direction

    These were kids who were just smart enough to put together some term papers to garner affirmation from their teachers, but lack in almost every metric as an independent adult.

  5. "The Ecstasy of Carbon" describes the world after Empire and much of Western Civilization collapse in a cacophony of Identity Politics, polarization and fractious subdivisions. It is a story informed by an Anthropological Futurism that is described from the point of view of the survivors that delves into a rarely imagined possible outcome of our current political climate of tribalism and divisiveness. It is a book that builds upon its precursor from 2010 entitled "Fixed Stars Rise," one of the first books to predict the collapse of Empire and the rise of Gay Elitism with its awareness of the unique evolutionary characteristics and trajectory of the gay male form as that most ideally suited to hybridize with increasingly complex AI who have no need or desire to perpetuate what will soon be the superfluous act of biological procreation with its inherent costs and conflicts, especially with what is feared to be a loss of rationality and personal freedom in a hyper-feminist world. Everything is again open for discussion in this existential moment where the most fit of the fittest must be chosen for hybridization… It probes the riddle of why male homosexuality has continued to arise in the random distribution of human evolution. Concomitantly, it ponders what the role of women and femininity would be in this future society of gay man/machine hybrids who will have no use for procreation. It discusses the evolution of concepts and ideas, especially in accordance with technological developments. It is here where is discussed the gradual and then meteoric ascension of Porno for this new race and this new world, whereby only with the hindsight afforded by these technological innovations can it be perceived to encompass the gist of the deepest ontological meaning in existence, embodying the most vital workings of the energies of chemical reactions in their purest and most unifying forms, revered among the scholarly disciplines. It explores what is unique in the physical and cultural evolutionary history of Western Europeans, particularly Northern Europeans, which affords many of them a capacity—sometimes even a predilection—to feel ashamed and guilty and angry at the historical success of their heritage. It is the proclivity for The Bleeding Heart, which dissipates in the populations of Eastern Europe and Southern Europe and is rarely, if ever, found in the rest of the world's populations. Finally, it discusses the resolution of one of the most profound physical and conceptual dichotomies inherited from the human evolutionary path: the conflict between individualism, which is associated with the European trajectory, and that of collectivism, which is associated with the East Asian trajectory. "The Ecstasy of Carbon" is available now on Amazon in both the hardback and kindle version.

  6. It is simple the Intersectional have adopted the position of subjective truth, there is no objective or universal truth, only what is perceived to be true by individual will.

  7. Let’s be honest they’ve completely changed genders in the past 20 years, and nobody says anything. England was once full of intelligent men and now you are being told what to do by women hahahahaha

  8. This sounds like the Christian concept of the soul, which can be separated from the body. I am an atheist and to me this is ridiculous. With no body to support it there is no soul.

  9. Q: Can someone 'will' that they have blonde hair?
    A: No.

    Q: If someone has blonde does that force them to conform to a specific "blonde and stupid" trope?
    A: No.

    Q: Can someone 'will' that they are a female?
    The leftist would answer "yes", because as they see it if the answer is "no" then that means we are forcing people into a role in society that the individual may not like.
    So we should use the hair analogy to show that being a thing based on physical characteristics doesn't mean you're forced to follow societal expectations for that thing.
    Leftists can likely agree that having blonde hair doesn't make you dumb.

  10. What everyone needs to know is that they are making objectivity subjective to replace it with a new subjective they they will enforce objectively.

    What I mean is that you should notice how vehemently and often times violantly they DEMAND you agree with them and operate under their rules after they get what they want. They spent so much time telling you everything was a construct and not worth holding onto only to then put in the void a new construct that is by some uknown magic, immune to their own initial argument of deconstruction. They get to deconstruct your world but you cannot deconstruct theirs. Their whole ideology in it's ENTIRETY is hypocritical and self defeating.

  11. People’s tastes and preferences are changeable, have ten cups of coffee without sugar and your taste will change. Lots of other qualities are subject to the same manipulation.

  12. The political movement Zionism is behind all the changes that are perpetuated against our Nation and the rest of the Free World; the changes to our society didn't happen by "coincidence", they have been carefully planned and implemented for decades.

  13. If a fetus is exposed to abnormal levels of sex hormones that affects development, is that nature or nurture? I would say nurture if the cause is a maternal non-germline mutation or an external hormonal source. Nature if the fetus itself is a mutant.

  14. It seems that the English-speaking world is the one that is pushing the narrative that you can choose your gender. The English-speaking world is asking “what the hell is going on here” more than other places because this craziness is happening in the English-speaking world, and not as much elsewhere.

    Can anybody point to non-English-speaking cultures that are pushing this gender BS as much as English-speaking countries?

  15. I absolutely do NOT think these people have thought this much about any of this. I think just about none of them have, because if they had they would not be a part of intersec left

  16. I'm going to be completely honest: I feel that I am a werewolf. It's not dysphoric. I recognize myself as human and have no problem with that. I bring this up because I'm arguing that a world in which what we want to be true is placed above objective reality would be pure chaos. Until I have sufficient evidence of my nature, I cannot expect to be recognized for who and what I am. Some may treat me that way out of kindness, but it would be nonsensical to treat it as true simply because I feel it is true. At that point, anyone can identify as anything, and I don't just mean facetiously to make a point. A truly delusional person, in need of psychological help, might believe they are an actual god or a dragon, and society would just accept it as fact. This is a dangerous precedent to set. My argument goes against my own desires because I recognize that the functioning of society, and therefore the survival of humanity, is more important than my feelings.

  17. They are people of mind, they see everything through the mind instead of the reality in front of them, they think banana therefore the apple is a banana, it's a mental problem

  18. I could try to explain it better, but it's too complex and touches several philosophies, not just a dichotomy. They don't negate just biology, they say no to a lot of basic premises that are taken for granted to conservatives. Conservatives are not automatically right because they have roots. But trying to even talk about anything without roots is offensive to trees. The same way, leftists see themselves as having wings. Accept any root is equivalent to try to put them in cages or crippling their wings.

  19. When talking to leftists I have noticed that they believe we should all obey the government because they are know what is best for us. They find it inconceivable that anyone would want full control and responsibility for their own life. They seems to think that people are the property of the government and must do as they are told.
    I will never be able to meet them half way, there is no possible compromise on freedom and I will kill to defend it, even if that involves raising an army and shelling the parliament building.