Sargon Of Akkad – The Catastrophic Effect Of Social Media

From Modern Wisdom Podcast – Sargon Of Akkad | Why Are We Facing A Crisis In 2020?
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Sargon & Chris discuss Twitter, being banned, inflammatory responses and more.

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  1. deepfake is the last straw. Everything is fake, now. Globalist media controls the narrative. Time to disconnect from media and global news(globalization itself), and focus our lives and perspectives more locally, again. We can't progress any further without a larger bandwidth, anyway.

  2. Twitter is a complete waste of time. Social media in general is a waste of time. It's an ego driven popularity contest where the dumbest shit floats to the surface cause most people are dumb as fuck.

  3. Twitter, Facebook, online petitions, etc… are bins to scream into, they make people feel better while making no difference to the situations.

    Simple but effective, however the groupthink aspect of social media is becoming increasingly worrisome.

  4. There is no free unbiased Journalism today on MSM and any real journalist will tell you. They are owned by corporations that tell them what to say the end. Real researched journalism is being censored. You're more likely to find real news on social media from people on ground being aware of course that anyone can manipulate it exactly how MSM does to suit an agenda.

  5. I respect the hustle, but I'm becoming pretty annoyed how this interview happened about a month or more ago and it's being consistently drop fed into my feed. I understand the hustle but i want to make you aware of this. Blessings.

  6. If you don't like it then don't use it… simples.. there's an off-switch… or alternatively you could whinge and whine about how badly oppressed you are – if you are comfortable going down the snowflake route and bringing the right into disrepute.

  7. Twitter is a tiny clique of loudmouth morons. It has only as much power as the people afraid to stand up to them give them. And the MSM is dying. Most of CNN’s audience is conservatives who only watch it to mock it.

  8. 4:30 ok but I have this shit going on when I'm going to work, to my uni or even enter a crowded bus. I'm particularly neurotic (and my meds can increase it sometimes but also counteract it so who cares xD) but those situations activate those regions in everyone, jest to different extents. I actually stopped using social media at all for this reason and my life quality improved so much I can't even describe it. Unfortunately it also made me more sensitive to the feeling of stress and unease so I'm even shitter at work that involves doing something with/for/under direction of others and even simply doing stuff with a deadline lol
    Tl;dr 1:0 psychologists and neuroscientists

  9. The internet itself is a phenomena the human race is not ready for. I've been saying the following for over ten years now: " The human race was totally unprepared to be put in a room, all of us together, to have one big conversation". I've been saying that but I never realiszed until just recently how pathetic and infantile a large part of our population truly is.

  10. Ive been saying it for years. Social media radicalises people. People build their world view around it.
    Foreign countries will ? stir in social media comments hoping that it changes how people think, act and vote.

  11. Re: old people voting for Brexit!
    Did you know the Statista survey found that only 60% of 18-24 Yr old men voted to Remain but because 80% of 18-24 Yr old women the overall for that age group became 70% which the media constantly use to say the vast majority of young people wanted to Remain, factually correct but…..