Sargon Of Akkad – The Media’s Problem With Blackface

From Modern Wisdom Podcast – Sargon Of Akkad | Why Are We Facing A Crisis In 2020?
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  1. "My empathy is very crippling."
    So was mine until I realized none of these people were actually offended and only used that line to get power over people like me by exploiting our empathy.
    Then I got very, very mad.
    There's nothing more evil than exploiting people's desire for goodness in order to get away with something evil of your own.
    These people are absolute scum. They don't care about blackface. They care about control over what you can say.

  2. Bo Selecta was way ahead of it's time in satirising fickle celebrity culture. It was a great show. If Craig Davids career could not survive a bit of a piss taking on a comedy show then it was doomed to fail anyhow. UK Garage crap.

  3. This time you get a thumbs down
    You cannot on one hand advocate free speech and then go on denounce a comedy show on tv. Bo Selecta was very popular, its creator went on to Celebrity Juice. It was a brand of humour that struck a rather large chord.
    Among a whole host of celebrities, Bo Selecta also slammed Michael Jackson, it had no effect on his popularity. The show also kept Mel B and many others in the public eye.

  4. 1:30 – Regarding SJWs "trigger point" surrounding the n-word… remember, it's only when white people say it. One rule for thee, another for me! I was raised to detest that damn word, and I have to hear it all day long, blaring from the "Beats Pill" portable bluetooth speakers of my coworkers. And, here's some gaslighting for you… I had a white friend tell me that his black friend told him that he wouldn't be friends with a white person who wouldn't say the n-word. How f***ed up is that?

  5. I think you're wrong about bo Selecta. Maybe it's not to your taste but ripping the piss out of someone is free speech. That's like saying spitting image ruined Maggie thatcher!

  6. The idea that Avid Merrion held that power, he might've held a little bit but, Craig David didn't help things. I don't remember Tina Turner or Mel B whinging. Craig David did, that's what turned me against him. His songs used to have his own name in it repeatedly. It began to stink of "taking one's self a little too seriously" as opposed to if Craig David went along with it, people wouldn't of even thought any more of it.

  7. Basil Fawlty never said the "N-word" in any episode of Fawlty Towers. I think I recall The Major saying the 'N-word' once but I don't recall if it was 'The Germans' episode or not.

  8. Craig David in the show had a bird of prey on his arm, called Kes, and a colostomy bag. The whole point of Bo Selecta was the characters were nothing like the real people, and the surrealism made it funny. It was nothing to do with 'blackface', and you'd have to be a tedious twat with no sense of humour to even suggest it.

  9. Sargon is such a strong guy knowing that his grandfather were a African. He doesnt have a problem with blackface. He is just looking at the facts and ignores the feelings aspect of it. Thats great.

  10. Hmmm..first time watcher…Nice work…I agree with your points..and if you state that Social Justice values will stay in place for some time to come..? boy oh boy…this is gunna suk!..

  11. It's still on Netflix … watched it just yesterday.
    They probably wanna pull it because of "the major", who does use the n word several times in the episode in reference to taking a woman to a cricket match…

    And stfu about Bo selecta and craig David. .. u ropey moustache tit! It was hilarious!! And Craig Davids "music" / uk garage was a complete douchefest and needed taking down a peg or three… thank God there was an appetite for it back then… it wax called SATIRE.
    And idiots like this lanky tit are the reason we dont have that anymore. … "poor Craig David, his career was cut short … this good looking mixed race guy..," stfu!!!

  12. The problem is as usual this is always one sided .
    I for one am sick of sgdq crap in ads in films and on tv .
    Even on radio I understand that it should be equal .
    But are they not the minority ?
    But I can't turn anything on to watch or listen to without it .
    This should be stopped. It is neither equal or fair .
    It is as bad as having your dinner and seeing a dog /cat commercial.

  13. Colouring one"s face is NOT offensive – unless that's the INTENTION : INTENTION and CONTEXT are relevant in judging anything

    If you don't find something funny don't like it – don't watch it

  14. Wow, is this the completly get things wrong podcast. Don't mention the war episode is the German episode of faulty towers sargon needs to re watch it and stop chatting shit. Bo selecta was hilarious and it didn't target one person it targeted celebrities with satire you out of touch weirdos.

  15. Ever notice that with black people in American commercials, they try to make them sound as 'black' as possible? Like 'Yo I be switchin' over to Allstate y'all!' lol!! That's literally how woke corporate America sees black people.