Sargon Of Akkad’s MASSIVE Fair Use Win, Akilah Hughes Forced To Pay His Legal Fees And She’s FURIOUS

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  1. She basically said "I tried to abuse the system and it failed, so everyone involved is racist". Pay attention democrats. These are the people you support. Walk away.

  2. Isn't it terible how some people can't get over childhood trauma ,so use it to project hatred on those they aspire to be. With these primal adolescent tantrums , You are only going to influence people who are as disfunctional as you. I know it's a stretch but try and see a problem without putting yourself forward as the main beneficiary. Great minds take themselves out of the equation and see a problem from all sides. Just a thought. And oh yes. Ps. Pay up asap. Hahahahahah

  3. Akila lives in a fantasy world. You don't loose a law suit the try and cancel the judge. I'm not surprised she trying to blame everyone but herself, she couldn't keep her mouth shut on Twitter about an active lawsuit what an idiot.

  4. Akilah is just a spoilt arsehole who I genuinely believe actually believes her own bullshit!
    I think the law and judicial system in America should ban her from being able to use any form of social media!
    She just used her position to make horrible accusations about someone, accusations that could affect that person for the rest of their lives with complete disregard whether it's TRUE or not!
    She should be banned from owning a device of any nature, make it easier she should be imprisoned so they can make sure she isn't using the same platforms to try and ruin other "white people's" lives for no good reason, shania a despicable piece of shit and a spoilt brat.

  5. People like Akilah are the actual racists, and creating more racists with their insane ideology.
    "You get what you f***ing deserve"
    – Carl 'Sargon of Akkahd' Benjamin

  6. This is typical of people like her. She won’t pay it, she can never lose, because if she does, she feels she is losing to the ‘white man’. It’s fine to go out and attack whites every day but these people should be called out and made pay for what they do. But it’s always ‘Muh racism’ when they are. I feel that if people like her have to pay, they feel they’ve lost to some kind of white supremacy, and that’s the lowest of the low for them. Poor things, racism is at the forefront of their very lives, it’s all they see every day. She is controlled by it and WILL comply!

  7. "In headlines today. Black women cries racism after loosing legal case by outright admitting malicious intent. In other news, Communists still pretend to be revolutionaries in Portland, and the Left continues to blame Trump for every evil in the world. More at 11."

  8. This is what happens when you let the television raise your kids. The entitlement is off the charts. She will eventually blame God himself.

  9. I have no idea who any of those people are and don't care.
    Most of these You tubers have bad cases of narcissistic personality disorder.
    She sounds like a pissed of race baiter

  10. Man, it's super easy to ignore cognitive dissonance these days with how much dehumanizing people do lol if someone says or does something you don't immediately like, just call them a nazi! There, done and done 😀 their opinion is no longer valid and you don't have to ever worry about challenging your own! The best part about it is It's SUPER easy to do now with Twitter! Why have any real discourse when you can have your own space where everyone just agrees with you?? Sounds like a real dystopia Utopia to me!