Sask Assailant was Free after 59 Violent Convictions – Tamara Lich Trending Over Judicial Hypocrisy

The politicization of the justice system in Canada is simply disgusting.

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  1. My theory is that both the USA & Canada do not have a weapon problem. They both have a violent criminal problem. The vast portion of these crimes are committed by people who have been in trouble with the law, often repeatedly. Of those in the USA the majority of those committing crimes with guns have already been convicted of a felony and as such cannot legally acquire or possess a firearm. The reason behind this is so both our populations will come to the conclusion that more gun control is the answer. Neither Trudeau or his twin Gavin Newsome need worry about gun violence touching them and they will let the criminals run amok so they can achieve their agendas.

  2. I am concerned about their deaths. I want to know why the two suspects of Canada’s worst knife attack and one of the worst terrorist attack in Canadian history are both dead, especially the second suspect who was captured alive but then later “died”. “Dead men tell no tales”…

  3. You know… if people had to co-sign on a person's release from jail, like how some people need to co-sign on loans; I think a lot of problems would be solved virtually overnight.

    Those with friends and family willing to take the fall for them should they reoffend will be let out of jail and probably get support and supervision by those who signed off on their freedom. Those who are obviously dangerous will not get that support and they'll stay locked up. If some activist wants to take on a dangerous person, they're free to do so; but if that person goes out and starts stealing and assaulting then they'll BOTH be thrown in jail.

  4. Look now further than the guy in Renfrew County who said he would never go back to prison. He killed three ladies before he got sent back. He never listened to his parole officer. Yet trudeau wants to crack down on law abiding citizens. Hide your hunting knives people. They will be next on the list. So sad that this is all happening and trudeau does not care about anyone but himself.

  5. Meanwhile in Alberta…

    "An O’Chiese First Nation man awaiting trial for a February 2019 homicide is back behind bars.

    Red Deer RCMP said that on Nov. 8 they responded to a complaint that a man with outstanding warrants was allegedly threatening other people in a Riverside Meadows residence.

    Strawberry faces 13 new charges, including several gun-related charges, uttering threats and failing to appear in court."

    We have lifelong degenerate criminals running free while peaceful protestors face charges. good job RCommieMP

  6. Under the woke ideology there is a two tiered justice system that allows for leniency for certain criminals. Some offenders are victims so they have to be rehabilitate at all cost, while others are oppressors and must be educated at all costs. Thanks Justin, you are partially responsible for this mess.

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