Saudi Arabia HUMILIATES Biden On World Stage | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the failed diplomatic efforts by President Biden to get more oil drilling by Saudi Arabia in response to surging oil prices after the Russian ban

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Anna Khachiyan:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Ya start drilling here again and wait for it to be popular for the Dems to fuck over oil and gas again through executive orders… RIGHT. This was written in the wall when the Keystone pipeline was killed

  2. Oh Saagar, so naive. Everyone knows the president is completely powerless to influence the price of oil and gas. BTW, Biden would call the Saudis right up if he could find the crank on the side of the white house phones.

  3. The only relations the U.S. should have with foreign countries is economic. We need to stop being "Team America: World Police."

    Congress instantly sends out $10B in military arms to Ukraine, yet $20B would end homelessness in America… How does that make any sense???

  4. You guys said Biden blaming Putin for oil prices was crazy. But he is partially to blame. Sure, us getting straight oil from Russia doesn’t affect us directly that much but oil is priced by the market and instability in the market drives the price. For that Putin very much has a large role in this. So you’re both right and wrong.

  5. Saagar:

    "What a slap in the face. After propping them up for so long, how dare they not pump more oil for us?"
    "We need to tell them, if they don't agree to be our puppets and do what we want, we won't help them commit genocide in Yemen, and we will make Iran our puppet instead."
    "These people are so greedy."

    Oh, the irony. And lack of self-awareness.

  6. Sagar is so low IQ, he has no idea what he is talking about 😂 this current regime in Saudi wasnt "propped up" by the US. They didnt put him in power. The US is just an allie of Saudi. Propping up dictators is what the US does in other middle Eastern countries. Like Iraq. Not in Saudi. More over, Sagar is talking about that Biden should do a press conference and say the he struck a deal with Iran 😂 is Sagar for real? First of all, why would Iran do that when the US has sanctions on them. And Saudi wouldnt care because they are the largest oil exporter in the world. Plus the US gets their oil cheap from Saudi. And who cares if Saudi declined a phone call from Biden. Whoooo, so bad. Where was Sagar when Trump was shaking hands with Kim Jong Un and telling him "its an honor to meet you" to arguibly the most brutal dictator. But Sagar isnt interested in balanced centrism. He just wants to own the Dems.. thats why breaking points is an utter failure because Krystal just Lets him spout conservative propaganda.

  7. Biden should not say that in the news but in private. Funny how everyone was claiming Trump would start WW3 but now it's cheered by Biden supporters. Biden is a joke and everyone is calling it out now

  8. The biggest head scratcher is how the green and climate agenda pushers will drop dead before drilling in america but are desperate for others to drill more? for us? I'm not a denier by any means but this is just ridiculous. Who subscribes to these people and these terrible non-sensical ideas?

  9. The United States are in this predicament because the Republicans never wanted to move the country into clean energy and fully electric cars the direction most countries in Europe are going, also don't expect any dictatorship country to go against Putin, dictators support other dictators Saudi Arabia would never do anything to disturb there relationship with Russia, Saudi Arabia never refused pumping more oil to make more money, don't matter how much they hate a United States President, but the Saudi Arabia Putin loyalty is a different story, only Breaking Points and all the rest of Mainstream rightwing Media would Try to make it look other than what it really is because of there anti Biden Agenda, but it's all about Saudi Arabia Dictator to Dictator loyalty to Putin and Russia,

  10. Oh & let’s not Forget how Obama started the war in Yemen and then turned it to a proxy war because that is the dirty work of their goddamn CIA! Save that bullshit to the ignorants!!

  11. These Two are playing the Washington blame game! Who the hell do they think they are? Ah the ignorance!! Wish I could get a refund of the membership I paid for.

  12. Oh lord. Usually love your guys stuff. Not a fan of this one. Have Ratigan on again to explain markets. I really don’t think markets are a strong point for either of you. Nationalizing oil would be a catastrophe. And who would run it? The same people, you guys have made a living bashing. Lol. Love most your work can’t help but face palm anytime you start talking economics.
    OPEC is a cartel. We should not be telling or asking them to do anything. Let American free enterprise step in when prices are high and step out when prices are low. Meanwhile support renewable energy that is actually green.
    Energy can be environmental and environmental can be economical.

  13. At least Jimmy Dorr tells you how Obama began bombing Yemen 🇾🇪 before the Saudi got forced into that proxy war cause he’s so accurate not like these two ignorant Washington wannabe libs!

  14. I’m not embarrassed that Saudí Arabia dismissed Sleepy Joe. They, like every other foreign nation, senses the weakness and corruption in and around the Biden Administration. Joe cuts domestic energy then goes hat in hand to other countries to pump more? Another international Biden failure.

  15. Anything can be done on any American Corp or citizen when it comes to National Security. It looks like we need to investigate big oil. Add that to the LONG list.

  16. 80 percent of Americans say they're willing to pay higher gas prices for Ukraine? I'd like to see that poll Krystal because I'm calling bs on that. I thought this used to be a show where there was differing opinion but lately it's just neocon war mongering and the "leftist" just sits there nodding and saying yes to the ridiculous Republican talking points coming from saagers mouth.

  17. This was the first segment I found disappointing. Expected Krystal and Saagar to do better. The US needs these regimes more than they need the US. The US CANNOT tolerate a woke leftist democratically elected government in any of these energy rich countries, Saudi in particular. These regimes are like prison guards operating on the behalf of the US and their loyalty is richly rewarded.

  18. Let me remind everyone to keep relationships with the Saudis we kept buying oil thought the pandemic. We had no place to even put it. Pacific ocean was filled with ships carrying loads. We should actually still be on that oil and prices are and have been gouged

  19. Nationalize the oil industry??? What an ignorant idea. I won't let Joe Biden or Kamala Harris change the oil in my car, much less be in charge of the entire industry. I bet they couldn't even put air in the tires.

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