Saudi Prince Throws U.S. War Crimes Back In Biden’s Face

During the recent meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), Biden claims he brought up the rather sticky subject of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder and dismemberment, widely attributed to MBS. The Crown Prince refused to be cowed, however, noting that the United States’ human rights record isn’t exactly pristine, specifically with regard to the murder of a Palestinian-American journalist by Israeli forces, as well as the notorious Abu Ghraib incident during the Iraq War.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the rank hypocrisy involved in the United States calling out anyone else’s human rights abuses.

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  1. Your interest in the actual authors (by name) of lies, and even cataloguing them by their lies, is a giant leap towards reasoned arguments. It is becoming a natural talent for you now. Justice remembers. Liars are separated as unreliable contributors in court. So you are becoming a wise judge. Pretty damn cool, Keep it up. BTW: The man tortured to death in Abu Ghraib, the one that is known of, was Manadel al-Jamad. He was not a reporter. He was just an innocent Iraqi, kidnapped and murdered in the USA controlled military prison.

  2. Hold on a minute.
    Biden went all the way to Saudi Arabia and didn't set a nuke off in the dessert to convince MSB to sell that oil at a cheaper price?
    What a woke wimp….

  3. Abu Ghraib happened in the early stages of the war under the Bush Administration and MBS chopped up Khashoggi after his uncle Adnan died and Jamal said he had earth shattering information on 9/11 (Adnan Khashoggi was the central figure, just like Iran Contra and Barr covered up both) Biden wasn’t involved here. You’re reaching.

  4. So the Secret Service said the can't find the text of only Jan 5th and Jan 6th of Trump Insurrection and that's not your show Jimmy?? if it was a democrat President instead of Trump and than happened you Jimmy your wife and all of the Media on the right would of been in meltdown mode right now SMH.

  5. Erdogan has audio records of events that seem to prove Khashoggi was conscious although anesthetized, while he was being cut up. And if Max Boot isn't a self-serving irrational asshole, there are none.

  6. Jimmy comparing pre-covid/pre-Ukraine salutations from Mohammed bin Salman to Putin with current fist bumps to Biden and reading a lot into it? Come on! Where is journalistic integrity. Not you, Jimmy!! You have changed, man.

  7. Jimmy, to be fair, you have taken this greeting out of context, if one looks carefully you can see Trump in the back ground, meaning this greeting was done during Trump's reign.

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