Saudi THREATENS Biden With Ditching Petrodollar | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar analyze the Saudi Arabian threats to Biden over moving away from the petrodollar and towards the Chinese Yuan as their regime refuses to produce more oil

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  1. Our backing Saudi Arabia is disgusting.

    We've been helping Yemen get bombed to hell. And Somalia. Lybia. We occupy 1/3 of Syria. Turned Iraq inside out. Wasted millions a day for 20 years in Afghanistan.

    Why don't you cover the overthrow of Ukraine government in 2014 by the US, the thousands killed by Azov Battalian (Neo Nazis) in Eastern Ukraine, the mass murder of civilians in Odessa.

    'Journalists' seem to forget those parts…

    So Instead of wagging your finger calling others an idiot, just look into the mirror.

  2. China is not the only country they're buddies with Saagar. They have lots of options for weapons purchases. Unfortunate for the Yemenis. They don''t care what weapon they're being hit with, just that they're being hit.

    You are actually pushing for a continuation of this inhumane slaughter. Just to get cheaper gas. Check your righteous anger, brother. The stuff you are saying now is on the internet forever.

  3. No. The reality is the USA Cannot decide the outcome. So what should we do. Hurt everyone or find diplomatic answers. Just want to know what you think would help the poor mostly. What do you think would help the poor. And of course the war hawk partner has been wrong on every point. Not the least of which the Middle East’s motto has been in Allahabad time. You think ten years matters. Img

  4. I guess everybody missed the memo? We built China too in the last 30 years.
    soon the end is near…it's starting to look like everybody is tired of the way everything is being run on the planet. sad…it's going to take a few nukes…to get it all under control. .sorry to say that is sooner than you think. Taiwan is next…we have a choice? world war III or oh well… oh well is the way its to go. know why? no more donations in wwIII….so Taiwan will fall. So our government and the top 20% can keep there game going.
    stay well

  5. it’s actually sad to see saggy whine about how big and mighty the US is when we have overplayed our sanction card and no one cares anymore. the removal of petrodollar means the collapse of the USD. What costs $5 today will cost $50 when they go through with this. All our savings will be worthless.

  6. My goodness. The amount of factual inaccuracies these two are spewing is incredible.

    Their knowledge of oil markets is pathetic and the people they rely on on that subject are other journalist friends who use conjecture to come to silly conclusions regarding the whole “Pump more oil” talk.

    The oil market is down 30%, by the way. That’s while the war is still ongoing and Russian oil is banned. How did that happen? If you two are blaming Saudi for the increase in price….are they behind reducing the price by 30%?

    Honestly, you can write an entire article about their ridiculous comments in this video.

  7. Oh Saagar… he doesn't understand the term terrorism. It is the use of violence against civillians for political aims. The US is the main exporter of terrorism. Giving weapons to radical extremist groups, including Neo Nazi in Ukraine (since 2014), and bombing people in the Middle East and African countries and toppled legitamate government, installing ruthless regimes..

    The fact is number one weapon exporter is and always has been the US.

    Saw a video once, during Obama regime, kids in Pakistan were scared to play outside, only when it was raining because of the drone strikes. That's terrorism.

    Saw a video once on Democracy Now, an old man in Iraq, lost all his families, and crying on camera, and said ''They (the US) said we are the terrorist, but what have my families ever done to you. You are the real terrorist''

    edit: Saudi as much as I despise them, the rest of the world know who is the real exporter of terrorism. God, it is like Saagar is talking from his ass.

  8. You two might be forgetting one thing. We have many bases in Saudi. Billions invested in their infrastructure. They own about 10% of our economy. Unfortunately we need Saudi as much as they need us. Unless we want to walk…everywhere…we will continue to sell them weapons and turn two blind eyes to a murdered journalist or weekly beheadings.

  9. Breaking News: I told you so. The US is in decline. Saudi Arabia is not revalent. Sure the US war machine will not sell to anyone with $$. Wait for China next.

  10. No way Saudi Arabia is gonna turn on the US, they aren’t stupid, they know once they turn on the US, the US will use human rights to just come in. The only reason the US turns a blind eye on human rights in Saudi Arabia is because of oil and all the military weapons they buy from the US

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