Save The Barmah Brumbies Protest = 08.06.22

Save The Barmah Brumbies Protest Highlights Coverage- 08.06.22

Amidst a distressing discovery in Barmah of covertly slaughtered brumbies in the forrest and new revelations that the Victorian Labor Government has accelerated it’s plan to completely eradicate the Victorian brumby population, animal rights advocates, Barmah locals and politicians from the opposition party gathered on the steps of Parliament House to raise awareness of the brumbies plight.

Warning: Video contains graphic imagery of state-sanctioned animal cruelty.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. i raised a big snowy mountain horse since he was a baby…this has outraged me for over 4 yrs..animal lib tard lefties dont care about them or dog fighting gangs..whales n dolphins is biggest priority

  2. I had no idea this was happening to our beautiful brumbles. More disgusting and inhumane action from the Vic government. Everything they do is Evil.
    Thank you for covering this.

  3. Sick people mental psychopathic. Our country, our land, our property are our horses not for diCtators & tYrants or for these aBuser's fun of using Illegal weApons confiScate NOW. We gotten soft, the only way to deal with bullies is a punch in the face

  4. I'm pro gun and a proud shooter and hunter, but this is madness! This obsession by the greens of irradicating everything that's not native. There is a lot of history around these animals.

  5. They are destructive animals and not meant to be here i see both sides but where does it stop do you want to protect foxes feral cats rabbits pigs etc and lets not forget alot of these animals get baited with 1080 and it is a very slow death compared to a 300win mag.

  6. Where's the Animal Justice party hey? Too busy spending their loyalty bonus given by Trashcan Dan for selling Victoria up shit creek.

  7. Disgusting low level approach and betrayal of these noble animals. It is our responsibly to protect and assist not destroy. The cowards behind this need to be exposed and bought to justice. Shame on everyone involved. Learn responsibility and respect.

  8. One more sacrifice to remove anything of Australian culture. It's not just the brumby, it's the eureka flag, it's Ned kelly's helm, it's the true blue spirit of aus thats being torn from us.

  9. The people who have done and who will be doing this need a bullet in THEIR stomachs. There's no end to the crimes if the Victorian government.
    Thank you for bringing this to the public's attention Rukshan.

  10. Rukshan..I am not a Green… journalism puts forward BOTH and multiple positions. One sided videos like this are propaganda as we have seen for 2 years of COVID lies.
    This is the worst video you have ever done. Please edit and add alternate view. I am not a Green.

  11. It's not so much deer are protected but rather you can't hunt for them in national or state parks only state forests. This is why when you visit many national parks and state parks they are rather poorly managed and don't really have the same appeal state forests have.
    State forests in my area don't use 1080 the same way parks does and even know many national parks are beautiful you can hear the difference in life just from background noise compared to state forests.
    Victoria truly is a sh#$ storm torn between woke and ideological greens ideas (that don't work in the real world) and people that want to allow traditions like hunting, brumbies, true camping, fishing, fossicking etc.

  12. This comment will be unpopular.

    The ecological damage caused by Brumbies in NSW and Vic are no different to what Water Buffalo and Pigs have done in the NT. Reduce the numbers as quickly as possible.

  13. More DOOLB on the hands of naD the slaughterer and Lilley Di-assassin there’s a Little bit of Ned Kelly in all of us and there’s certainly some in me .
    You can’t bullshit a bullshitter
    Andrews, Your time is soon to be up for( you )and your green goons will be in the sights of the electors and like these noble beasts won’t be able to dodge what’s coming you’re way too old mate .

  14. Bit like putting dogs down over lockdown because you couldn't go out so kill them..governments are evil. Who goes to war governments, who had power to starve kidnap you imprison you only governments. All governments are evil oh the other government same bloody bird just a left and right wing.

  15. Absolutely heart breaking for this born and bred country girl. How dare the public servants implement such torture on sentient beings. The persons involved need to go and spend some serious time around animals and not shooting them. Just another reason to despise certain individuals who think they are allowed to literally call the shots. f^*k you politicians. 💔💔💔💔

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