Saying THIS A Year Ago Would Have Turned You Into a Pariah…

The MSM, months late with the “news” as always.

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  1. Just getting over the omicoof right now. It's a walk in the park compared to the flu I've had in the past. The gubbermint is just lying to us and afraid to go after the CCP for unleashing a failed biological weapon on us.

  2. I have only received the fisrt 2 vaccines, I haven't received booster shots. I most likely have Covid because I have been around someone who has it, but I feel fine. I don't have any symptoms, and neither does she. Both of us are vaccinated. I don't feel scared of Covid anymore, I feel safe. Some of you might not even believe in the vaccines, but if Covid is as deadly as it has been portrayed, then I guess it did something to protect me. That being said, I dont want to suffer just because some people didn't get vaccinated, if they get it then so be it. It was their decision, and I dont want to force anything on them just as I don't want anything forced on me. I want to go back to normal life. I hope this can reassure some people. I am currently resting in my bed, looking at my iPad while eating a snack.

  3. What about the Jewish problem?
    You all say Epstein.
    But have you noticed that you never say the J word?
    Maybe because you cant…
    Or maybe because you are conditioned not to?


    I can go all day……

  4. @Memology 101 He's saying because of the vaccine and how effective and widespread it is that people have gotten their shots. When this channel started it felt like you were actually trying to point out hypocrisy and didn't necessarily have a political lean other than anti establishment and I mean just no blindly believing established media or governments like the general pop does. Not you are actually the one misleading and trying to craft narratives based on your subjective beliefs. I'm out bruh good luck with the future or ur channel.

  5. In context, he IS saying that the virus was bad, but now it isn't so bad. The protesters being blasted in that article from 2020 were from when the virus was more potent. Thus, we're here comparing a potent virus being called flu-like and a weaker virus being called flu-like. This is not a matter of the media being self-contradicting. The virus has changed, and now they're saying it's not so bad as it was in April 2020.

    Of course, it is CERTAINLY a problem that the media is allowed to say whether or not the virus is a problem, but experts and educated people are not, among other issues. My point is that the media is NOT contradicting their earlier statements about the virus being a problem, as the virus has objectively changed and become less virulent since then.

  6. Come on now. Stating this about omicron isn't like the the earlier variants is it? That's not to say that the suppression is valid and there aren't double standards.

  7. I’m convinced not one person has ears in the comment section. He literally said that the vaccines caused the danger to decrease to something similar to a flu. People weren’t vaccinated at the beginning. Like you cannot possibly be this dense

  8. How’s THIS science for ya? Studies show that 100% of hypothesis (liberals use the term “conspiracy theories”) that have been put forth by so-called “right-wingers” have been proven absolutely correct. Facts baby. Myth today, fact tomorrow.

  9. Yesterday I was coughing and congested as hell. Head hurt, high fever, even my eyeballs needed to vent heat (I'm not kidding; if I closed my eyes they literally started to heat up beyond comfortable levels.) Sucked. Might have been the 'rona. I'll never know. Chugged some orange juice and hot tea, put a cold damp washcloth over my eyes and wrapped myself in my blanket for most of a day, meaning like 11PM to around noon the next day. Today, I'm hacking up the slimy crap (HAWKPTOOIE!) and I feel sore in the legs but otherwise I'm good.

    But Faucifans would say I need the shot and all three boosters and three of the latest masks or I'll die and infect everyone within a ten mile radius REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WHY ARE YOU NOT COMPLYING YOU'LL KILL US ALL YOU MONSTER! OBEY SO WE CAN ENSLAVE–errr I mean SAVE THE SPECIES!

  10. I know 10 people right now with Covid. Eight of them were fully vaxed. Still not sure if the next Chinese bioweapon is supposed to take out the vaxed or unvaxed but I have a pretty good idea.

  11. If there's any comfort to any of this, it's that it's going to be over soon. Especially now that the thinktanks are calling it 'the flu'.

    Sounds like the new normal was eating too much out of someone's bottom line.

  12. Year 3? Yeah right. I think people should just say no and get on with their lives. Go out, don't wear your mask if you don't want to and live life. I just walk into most stores in my city without a mask. It says masks required but no one actually gives a shit. And no one harasses each other about masks either: pure freedom of choice when it comes to masks. Live without fear and you'll be fine.

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