Scale of violation is unprecedented (Bret Weinstein with Military Whistleblowers)

How effective is Nuremberg?

Bret speaks with three active and past duty service members about their experience in the US military during Covid, they seek to bring to light what they are seeing and what it represents.


John Bowes is a first lieutenant in the United States Airforce, he is a student F16 pilot who has been grounded over the Covid vaccine mandates.

Olivia Degenkolb has been in the US Navy for 20 years as an active-duty service member, she is a foreign area officer, and was selected as the assistant naval designate to Beijing, the department of defense has recently stated that she cannot return to service as an unvaccinated member.

Dale Saran is an attorney and a retired major in the Marine Corp, he has been litigating the military vaccination issue for the past 20 years.

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  1. Speaking of the Nuremberg Code I wrote “F *CK THE NUREMBERG CODE” in fake blood on the back of my lab coat for my Halloween costume which I wore to the Danny Elfman concert last night (it was also my birthday!) I also carried a plastic syringe with a glow stick inside. Amazingly nobody was offended and everybody seemed to love my costume

  2. There is one problem with the Nuremberg code, the people who carried out the medical experiments lost the war and were in captivity, the people who are carrying out today's medical atrocities are still in power.

  3. As always, legal standards and principles of ethics and morality only apply to others – never to those who could actually carry out punishments for same. Our entire post WW2 experience makes this entirely clear. Appeals to the global hegemon get you nowhere. Their behavior is classically sociopathic.

    The idea that individuals could and would refuse immoral orders is really the only hope one has preventing atrocities. But it’s a big ask for people who are subsumed under the indoctrination, and control of large organizations like the military. It takes conditions of widespread distrust and even contempt of leadership for this to be possible, and people willing to be martyrs that can inspire others. Who is currently stepping up?

    It has been known to happen, but not often enough.

    Right now we have a crucial moment approaching and needing intervention. When the time comes that the lunatics in the US decide they will launch a low yield nuclear bomb into a Russia to send a message, how will people stop that? That is what is coming by all accounts based on all the statements and moves to rapidly “update” nuclear weapons in Europe.

    Anyone who knows the history of the cold war and how ridiculously close we came to Armageddon should have their hair standing on end watching events unfold right now. Even the committed cold warrior Ronald Reagan realized how dangerous the game he was playing actually was and reversed course in a period of clarity and sanity. But his efforts have all been undone by now.

    If we aren’t talking about taking action on this problem right now, then you might as well forget plans for anything else.

  4. I think this is part of the reason the establishment continues to foreign proxy forces because they can basically do whatever they want. So that’s why I’ve seen videos of mercenaries that are paid for by the CIA beheading children and sending the video over the airwaves in Syria

  5. Looking forward to Nuremberg Trials 2.0 – COVID Crimes Against Humanity. Remember the names of the public health officers & politicians who terrorized & coerced people into taking an experimental medical treatment.

  6. Our socialist government has the same DNA as the socialist governments who murdered 100 million. That genocide directly followed the disarming of the people through gun control. The Marxist Socialist Democrat knows full well that it is hard to force an armed people into the boxcars.

  7. These people/politicians/doctors that pushed these "EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES" MUST be held personally and financially responsible. The "manufacturing companies" who MADE these "EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES" —– CAN BE —— SUED FOR FRAUD AND DECEPTION and for LYING about the "safety" of their "vaccines"!!!!!!! These manufacturers HID/DID NOT REVEAL/PROVIDE their study FACTS and RESULTS!!!!!!!

  8. Mirana Radivojevic
    0 seconds ago
    Mandates come from the top, Biden and company. CDC, FDA…. are all an extended arm of the pharma. Sound like the motivation is $$$$. It's a coordinated effort, journalists, tech, doctors, politicians…

  9. The powerful are tempted to devalue our lives, because they begin to believe they can do so without penalty, and they are willing to gamble they are correct. Give some the power to create super viruses, and they will risk all our lives doing so. Give some the power to conduct harmful experiments on humans, and they will do so with glee. Power to obtain needs to be tempered with something that functions like a sincere and well-informed fear of violating some sort of virtuous principle. But you have to actually believe in and know what those principles are, it's not automatic. The system, the world, nor science can't keep us morally grounded, that is something that has to be refreshed from generation to generation with effort and earnest attention. Principles have become corrupted because more and more of us don't believe in them anymore. The desire for true virtue was abandoned for the desire to obtain desire. The will to power. They say so many have suffered in the name of religion. True, but science has, in so short a time, shown that men will do evil, just as wickedly, but more efficiently and effectively, in the name of, and with the help of, science.

  10. I see deleted comments. So censoring is happening. I have been silenced for 24 hrs (yesterday)for commenting on a separate channel on this subject. So the goons are watching you too. Thank you for your efforts.

  11. In Canada priests have been put in solitary for 3.5 months
    People have been coerced into innovative therapy and had to sign a waiver against medical damages just to keep our jobs
    For some of us Nuremberg II is a necessity and an inevitability

  12. Was Nurembourg even legit or was it set up as smoke and mirrors to get those doctors and scientists out and placed in other countries secretly so their work could continue…???

  13. Whats the saying, those who forget the past are destined to repeat it.
    Things have gotten quiet for the last year, what has been going on during the lull. Lets see,,our representatives in Washington are still lying on their backs with their legs in the air, as ordered to. We see the cdc recommending more C vaccines for school schedules. The fda is rubber stamping every C vaccine pharma comes out with. Out of the blue the supreme court overturns roe vs wade (my body, my choice) and universities are busy working on making C viruses more deadly. If I were a military strategist I would almost think, they have pulled back to regroup, weaken key positions, and prepare for another charge at the enemy. But I am a conspiracy theorist.

  14. The full convo on Spotify is mind boggling. It should be the foundation from which a National conversation occurs on how the military is handling covid vaccine mandates. As someone who has been a lifetime supporter of the military I find this incredibly troubling.

  15. Been headed that way for decades. Even with common simple things like unemployment. State will deny one the money one deposited if they can determine you did not have a good reason to quit. And they will conclude something such as ordering one to operate a high pressure steam boiler that was not installed by people qualified and would kill anyone in the building with 400 degree steam if it over pressures, is not a valid reason to quit. They will literally state, one must follow the orders of the employer and if one has an issue with safety then one can file a complaint after complying. Don't comply and it's grounds for disobedience and being fired.
    Not a long reach to follow orders, gas these people or you are fired and denied the unemployment you paid in for decades. Submit to medical experiments or be fired and denied help in any way.
    Now it's as bad as forcing workers to not quit a bad situation or unemployment benefits can be denied, "If it was in the best interest of the employer to fire you." Want to appeal, fine, they will always side with the employer. Appeal again, they will charge you ten grand to appeal, which of course is affordable for those without work or unemployment.
    For many decades the government has been pushing the working class into a corner. Now it doesn't understand why workers now don't want to work and pay taxes to the entity that has screwed them for decades.

  16. A friend of mine told of when in the military in Alaska he was sent to a tuberculosis ward and forced to lie in bed for six months, surrounded by people with TB. Many years later he realized that they were trying to give him tuberculosis. He was native they did all sorts of such experiments on native Alaskans, not just military but with the kids in the boarding schools. None of the criminals responsible for killing thousands of American citizens and the children were ever prosecuted.

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