Scamming insurance companies get OWNED by UK court! ?

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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. If you can´t provide the service you have been paid for sounds like a you service" More like a Eu-gene problem. Sorry couldn´t resist 😉

  2. There is a really good episode of Freakanomics Radio where they talk to the CEO of Lloyds of London about Business Interruption Insurance. Long story short is that the wording of UK law is more ambiguous, so courts tend to side with the claimant; not so in the U.S.

  3. I paid 3k £ per year for car insurance in uk because I wasn't insured with uk companies for years and years. They ask you for the **UK** insurance companies that you were insured with, they don't care about outsiders. But still, 3000 £ a year. For a 5000 £ car. 2 years later I had a dent, I had a very long trip across europe and had to pay extra for it (yes, as if the 3000 £ wasn't enough) and when I called the insurance company, they demanded 500 £ payment to fix my dent. WTF. WHat the fuck am I paying 3000 £ for then? I just went to an independent shop and paid 100 £.

    The real scam is that it's a legal requirement to get insurance. They take your car away if you don't pay money to a private company.

    The whole idea that "you should get insurance in case something happens, you are covered" is ideological non-sense same as communism. In practice, it's full of corrupt people who belong in jail.

  4. I agree with your points, but I want to note that the pandemic insurance story is not accurate per my brief research. The Oceana Grille case was filed against Lloyd's for their property insurance, claiming that the policy did not limit to physical damage and that pandemics were not specifically excluded, as they are generally in other policies. Apparently there was a pandemic insurance policy, but no one bought it. Story here:

    My thought on insurance is that perhaps a good first step would be a mandate requiring the insurance equivalent of a nutrition label. My own insurance is 82 pages long, and the only way I could get it was to call them and ask because the renewal never includes the details or even mentions them (yes technically I'm sure they sent the full document when I signed up). If companies had to clearly summarize coverage and exclusions in a consistent way, it would go a long way toward transparency and ability to comparison shop.

  5. Every 12 year old or blm terrorist think insurance works like in GTA 5.
    The car blows up for any reason, and you get an immediate payout without questions, as many times you want.

  6. Just another thing we may not need anymore. Stopped by cop for no insurence on motor cycle called and and had insurence before he finished the ticket. But uless you use it you are paying for nothing.

  7. insurance is based on the bet you won't collect, certainly not soon. So i'd guess they didn't have enough in the fund to cover it. Something similar happened during the crash in 2008 I think.
    I read the fine print for a health insurance plan, it specifically said I can't use it for at least 6 months.

  8. "All insurance policies are a scam, apart from pet insurance, if you have a pet get it, otherwise don't give any money to those bastards" quote from a client of mine that works in a insurance company in London.

  9. My aunt worked for nationwide insurance company. Got in a bad car accident and has a traumatic brain injury. They dropped her like a bad habit and has ruined her life. They are great people that's for sure

  10. Alright, so this might just be a spanish cultural thing, but the general consensus around here is that insurance is a scam by default and anyone who says they've got some non-mandatory insurance should be ostracised into saving the money to buy some common sense next time. That's why some insurance is mandated by the government and really cheap (like civil responsibility car insurance) and others are just a "free market" thing.

  11. You know… It would definitely not solve everything, but it wouldn't be crazy to say that insurance claims can be filed to a third party, which than has to be paid by you, in order to decide if you're covered.
    Insurances would still corrupt/threaten/sue at least some of these third parties, in order to save money. But I don't think it'd make things worse.

  12. Buy the absolute cheapest minimum package when insurance is legally mandated, knowing that they won’t pay out anyway. Then throw the savings you make into a rainy day bank account.
    That’s about the only way to sensibly insure these days.