Scandal Erupts As Several Outlets CAUGHT Pushing Lie About Trump, Democrat Impeached Using Fake News

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  1. Again I ask can we stop calling them journalists.
    First the do no investigating, all they do is print rumors, and bias rumors at that.
    Journalist implies that they report news worthy information. Facts that have been researched and verified, and composed into a report based on those facts.
    But instead we have rumors, the "He said, She said" B.S. that is based in no facts but a bias feelings, and in most cases out of malice content.
    And out of that exact bias these opinion peddlers spread misinformation for that bias opinion, in order to get more people to see things the way they want.

    I have said before that this is a world of lies and liars. And modern times has an influx of mass media lies. The last vintage of truth has been reduced to the same toxic insanity that has plaques this world.
    Not surprising to me. I have watched it slowly getting worse decade after decade.
    But it is now that it seems complete broken, and has become just another tabloid paper.
    Something you line the birdcage with rather than read.

  2. I remember a TimCast where you already explained the tape from months ago. Trump never asked to find 11,000 ballots so he'd win, he asked to look ,at invalid ballots.

  3. When will the American people learn that today's news outlets have become no different than the Daily Bugle and JJ Jonanson's smear of Spider-Man. I know this statement sounds geeky but think about it for a second. President Trump is being treated by the Media in the same aspects as a Comic book character that started in the '60s.

  4. Loosing credibility is of no concern to the democrats and ally media. They have their base that is vote blue no matter who and they got their guy in power. That is all that matters and these I told you so stories don't matter one bit.

  5. Watch “Slanted Journalism” speech by Sheryl Atkinson on YouTube. Even the stories that are not outright fabrication and lies still have misleading headlines. Our news outlets are now untrustworthy

  6. We can blame the media to some extent, but I still place most of the blame on willfully ignorant voters who hurl hate instead of educate themselves.

  7. Uh… the sheep have all been herded. They will never believe facts and truth, only what the MSM is feeding them.
    This is exactly what happened with the officer that was reported (by these same MSM) to have been brutally smashed in the head with a fire extinguisher and eventually die in the hospital. It turns out, he was never hit with anything… they quietly buried their own retracted story about it.
    The MSM is American's greatest enemy… worst then Russia and China.

  8. It would seem to me that media manipulation was a big part of the presidential election. Because now so much of this manipulation is coming out as out right lies and it has an impact on voting. These news sources should be sued by the American people for slander and knowing spreading misinformation inorder to change an election.

  9. should read "media intentionally got the Trump Georgia story wrong"
    Knowingly put out the lie trusting that is what everyone will remember, not the retraction or correction that comes later.

  10. Trump might not be able to sue for slander because he's a public figure and would have to prove malice, but maybe they can find another way to hit back like pushing for perjury or providing false evidence.

  11. At the end of the day, you do need money to continue your operation. But the media has still shown a consistent willingness to push their leftist agenda regardless of the declining ratings, while even the old "We Report, You Decide" network has seen fit to abandon their ratings to cave to that agenda. So no, you can't say that the media is serving their viewers because capitalism. They are attempting to sway their viewers to make their agenda profitable.

  12. I like Tim. I just don't understand why he continually acts so enraged at political and culture crackdowns and says we need to stand up against it…. but he will constantly say I don't want to say this because I'll get banned.
    Like you have a platform to stand your ground and fight back yourself, but you're more interested in the money.
    No better than those who cave to cancel culture imo.

  13. Doesn’t this also follow recent news of a couple Democrat city councilmen being indicted for voter fraud in FULTON COUNTY…meaning Trump was 100% correct. I’m so shocked! ??????
    Actually, to anyone paying attention, Dems all over the battleground states have been getting indicted for voter fraud….interesting…??????