‘Scandals and secrecy’: Victorians ‘have lost their mind’ wanting more of Daniel Andrews

Victorians have “lost their mind” if they say they’d rather more of Daniel Andrews than the Liberals, Sky News host Andrew Bolt says.

“The latest Newspoll – Premier Daniel Andrews cruising to another landslide win – his third state election victory as support for the Liberal leader falls,” Mr Bolt said.

“Andrews is way ahead even though he imposed the cruellest and longest pandemic lockdowns in the country, and still had the most deaths, per capita.

“Then there’s his scandals and secrecy.”

“After all that, how could Victorians say they’d rather have more of Dan Andrews than a new start with the Liberals.”

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett.


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  1. I am not Aussie so maybe it is none of my business but this past year I have been watching him and I gotta say he gives me the creeps. Seems like an AWFUL man! Just from what he says and how he says it. For the love of God Victorians, shut him down!! I am old enough now to know evil when I see it. The road ahead with him will not be an easy one. There are some things I am never wrong about. This is one of them. I have always loved Australia from 'afar', but now it is looking like a scary place. He has shown his true self during this so called pandemic. I love Australians. Please watch your six!!!

  2. Do you honestly believe that the newspoll is 100% true? I think an independent "newspoll" needs to be carried out that is not influenced by internal political forces. Maybe do your own poll Sky news.

  3. Off course ! Victoria is awash with third world migrants who vote Labor. In addition there seems to be no one in the liberal party in Victoria that can lead it to victory

  4. Only media are saying Dan win – yet on the ground ( polls rigged ) people are filthy with bloke – he’s hated – cmon go ask yrself people on the ground at random – so wrong to promote lab and Dan – it’s criminal so is Dan – wake up to yrself – poll are no measure for any opposition – Dans gone – polls / media all said Trump lose – idiots bought that !
    See with yr own eyes and listen to the people – political analysts really ? They are the problem – same media – liars – Dans no gd
    It will be upturned – he out mate
    I’m confident – bring in vote — Dans a devo full on

  5. You of all people know Andrew that when you have the media in your pocket you can lie about anything and get away with it. 41% of Victoria apparently prefer Dan. By logic 59 % do not.

  6. 26th Nov. Media is the problem Jeff said, not highlighting Gov follies, certainly true in case of trigger happy Dan. Bad man leaving Vic in bad state. Hopefully the emphasis on LEAVING!
    Hoping for miracles on 26th Nov. ✅🙏🙏🙏

  7. Amazing isnt it? ex politicians love to come in front of the camera to blast the opposition and encourage going to the polls to vote the next charlatan in. Surely its a duty of those given the taxpayers teet both in and out of office to hold the current parliaments feet to the fire and take them to court if needs be, as they are well versed in what is within parliamnets mandate and what is not. Yet they come in, voice a load of waffle as they always have done, and walk away teflon coated as to the consequences….. as they always have done. Its all beyond farcical at this stage and any ex-parliament mouthpiece that is willing to talk and not act is not worth their weight in blather. If you haven't caught on yet…. Its ALL a FARCE and both are sides of the same coin, or wings of the same bird if you prefer. Voting for your new master has never brought new freedoms, or brought back previous ones for that matter. What a joke, and all they had to do was get you to believe they had power over you in the first place.

  8. Common Sky, times have changed. Kenneth like the rest of the political class is as connected to the people of Victoria as Andrews. The media establishment controls our democracy and if their poles are showing Andrews will win you will not find a voice in the legacy press core who will speak otherwise. Victorian's like most Australian's have their heads buried in the sand and won't look beyond the dark shadows of the dystopia those with the real power over their perceptions create.

  9. God Almighty, if Andrews is elected again that with boost his sense of:
    ''See – I'm what the people want and need…'
    His ego will be boosted to the high heavens and he will give the people of Victoria what they 'want and need' – only on steroids!

  10. Victoria deserve everything they get so just remember Australia when the people in Victoria complain about there state leader pay no attention to them because they voted Danial Andrews back in

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