Scared Yet? Tulsi Gabbard Uses Basic Math to Show the IRS’ Scary New Power | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Tulsi Gabbard talking to Fox News about why regular Americans should be worried about the Democrat’s plan for the IRS to hire 87,000 new agents. Will the Internal Revenue Service be targeting you next?


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  1. Let's be honest….MANY AMERICAN's don't pay taxes…rich ones and middle class. How many people used Covid to rip off $87 BILLION of tax payer funded government small business bailout money? Do you think they should walk free ??? Stop giving one side of the story MF's.

  2. Politicians like her are complete mid-wits. they are smart enough to understand when taxation is becoming violence, but not smart enough to understand why that taxation is needed in the first place after years of voting for freebee, feel good, handout, progressive BS government programs.

  3. Yes Tulsi your party is hell bent on turning us into a fascist dictatorship all the while saying that their competitor is guilty of fascism. Cross over Tulsi, the Republican party has some folks that get it right and you do too, join us please

  4. They’re going after the entrepreneur business people. They are going after the people who actually pay taxes and make the country go. Those big conglomerates are going to gobble up all the small businesses. The 1% are going to own everything. The government is comprised of the 1%.

  5. The continuous attack on the small biz owner and hollowing out the middle so what’s left is the mega box corporations. There’s the actual economic inequality. Insane.

  6. The wording they used was important. They are right that the IRS is unlikely to audit low income people. They just send them a bill knowing they won't fight a thing. No audit necessary.

  7. They keep Chipping away, they’re in there for the long game, they know that they will lose elections and they will win elections but the big plan is every opportunity chip chip chip away until finally they have total control.

  8. The new Stassi. Thank the R.M.E. The Inquisition continues in disguise as "public servants". Nothing new here folks. Just do your historical comparisons. SOS. Different day, minus being burned at the stake.

  9. They will be coming after us, anyone that supported Trump, anyone that says they are corrupt, anyone that has a dime! This is communist America now! People will start disappearing and being jailed, have their property taken..oh wait THATS ALREADY HAPPENING!!! Communism has been here but they hit the fast forward button because Trump showed us we could be independent and we could have manufacturing back here and they didn’t want that! They planned all this to screw us over like they had before and they are trying to blame everyone to fool us! We are screwed if someone doesn’t stop them!

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