“Schiff Is In Panic Mode,” Democrats Panic As Documents PROVE They Lied About Trump For Years

“Schiff Is In Panic Mode,” Democrats Panic As Documents PROVE They Lied About Trump For Years. Transcripts of interviews dealing with Trump and Russia from 2017 to 2018 are set to be released and according to intelligence community officials, senior administration officials, and Republican congressman Devin Nunes

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff kept pushing the lie even after the end of the Mueller Probe that “all roads lead to russia” even though Robert Mueller and 53 different interviews came up with no evidence of collusion.

Democrats have been completely desperate to stop Trump but also Bernie and Tulsi. In their desperation it seems their only play was Russia Russia Russia

As new evidence comes out Democrats are left with nothing and to make it worse even the far left are accusing them of pushing Russian propaganda.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. In todays date, America, it's easiest to point a finger and blame versus stare into a mirror and reflect … sad times, the positive is maybe we grow a culture and begin to share life's insights and heritage of generations, and those to become… stay red AZ! MSDNC is hilarious morning coffee, like a comic on stage for the third time of the evening, they got nothing!

  2. I can't vote Democrat and will instead vote for Trump. The DNC must burn and we have to stop with this identity driven political world that takes away our freedom and gives us a lynching mob instead.

  3. But nothing happens Democrats get away with doing whatever they want, some of them deserve the jail but the political elite surround themselves with get out of jail free cards

  4. Ahh. Good old predictable socialists/Marxists. When things turn on them they just deflect, pretend they never were part of that group and blame someone else.

  5. Adam Schiff needs to spend a few years in prison for perjury. The Democratic Party had gone do far down the rabbit whole that the only way they will ever win again is if the real democrats break away and start a third party.

  6. You know what really cracks me up?…How hard it must have been for them to keep a “serious” face while struggling to keep from busting up laughing.

  7. Leftists using secret courts in an attempt to persecute political opponents you say.
    Why are people surprised by this? It's a well established pattern of behaviour when leftists gain power of any sort, from the micro of social circles to the macro of international relations. It's what they do.

  8. $40 million of our tax dollars wasted on a lie by the special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators. That means they knew this from the very beginning. Will Mueller and those involved be investigated?

  9. Still never saw the logic of: if you squint hard enough, the Ukraine thing was collusion, therefore he must also be colluding with the country that is at war with Ukraine.

  10. Tim your reporting is on such SUPERFICIAL material. You are not pulling back the curtain to address the deeper concerns. You are missing the BIGGER PICTURE here. its unfortuante but I understand you have appease to YouTube restricted speech rules.

  11. Looking at Fake News in hindsight now it was at least entertaining with there insanity. For a second, when it looked like Bernie was about to sweep it, I was getting clips for my rifles loaded. It would seem now that the Democrats are falling completely apart so I can laugh about there insanity now.