School Girl Arrested For Drawing Offensive Picture

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  1. >Girl gets bullied
    >School/Bully's mother: I sleep
    >Victim takes it out in a non-violent and arguably more healthy way as in taking out her negative emotions via creativity/art
    >School/Bully's mother: REALSHIT

  2. Had something similar happen to me when I was in elementary. No arrest but the police were involved, saying the image could be viewed as a threat (it involved a very improbable form of property damage, but was vaguely violent I guess). Kids that get bullied get frustrated and fantasize about a little revenge, because the school system is useless at dealing with it, who'd have thunk?

  3. 3:20 actually, there is very clear reason to believe she WASNT violent. She was getting actively bullied, and chose to respond to the situation through drawing, how the fuck is that in the same hemisphere as violent, thats straight up pacifism.

  4. Pearl City – Aiea area is a hole anyway. The whole damn area of Aiea smells bad and Pearl City is full of crackhead types.
    And now it's full of Karens too. Fabulous, I'm sure.
    She should move with her daughter to Waianai – Makaha area since she's already out that way

  5. Lets see, Violation of the first amendmant, I suspect the 4th was grossly violated and i suspect the 5th might be actually involved cos the child was without represntation and would have no idea how to exercise her rights.
    I'd expect this sort of crap from the UK but in HAWAII of THE U.S.A? Can we say, lawsuit?

  6. This is fucking stupid, we need to revert America back to the level of authoritarian it was in 1910

    We’ve just been getting more and more authoritarian over time, and it’s been even worse in the last 25 years

    At this rate in another 20 years the US will be competing with China for who can violate their citizens rights more

    This isn’t even a US problem the whole world is becoming way way way more authoritarian ever since the internet exploded in popularity in the 90s/2000s

  7. I can’t believe people don’t understand comedy sets. Do they think when Netflix releases one show of an entire world tour for a comedian that they’re really telling different jokes every night? Lol

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