Schools have a moral obligation to discourage the use of masks (from Livestream #118)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #118 (originally streamed live on March 12, 2022):


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  1. I did art camp last summer with elementary students. One of the older girls was incredibly paranoid and was using hand sanitizer multiple times throughout the day. She was super eager to get the shot even though it was unclear at that point if it would even be available to children her age. Ironically, those at risk around her already had Covid and survived. It was depressing to see such fear in a young child.

  2. I live in Scotland .
    In England mask mandates were lifted 2 months ago
    In Scotland the mask mandates,have remained in place.
    Still Scotland has a higher infection rate than England.
    Nicola Sturgeon Scotland's first minister,somehow thinks having a higher infection rate,shows masks work.
    So mask mandates in Scotland,will remain in place into April,and possibly beyond.
    Nicola Sturgeon no longer pretends she's following the science.
    it's now do as she says,despite the science.

  3. The fear being spread in children is pathological. I’ve seen kids lamenting and sorrowful in conversations I’ve overheard while traveling on public transport in trains and buses while passing an oil refinery fretting over climate change. I’ve seen kids sorrowful that society is so tragically heteronormative and disappointed that the traditional nuclear family gets emphasised in advertising on free to air television, etc. The social contagion among our young is still a few decades away from reaching its peak. I shudder to think what we will reap from having sown this sickness two decades from now. Much love from Melbourne, Australia.

  4. I know you guys don't do it on purpose, but that makes it even more delightful. paying close attention to what you're saying and unexpectedly having the cat pop up in the shot just is always such a great addition to the show….love you guys. thankyou for being honest and trustworthy and caring about your audience. You both have enriched my life in so many ways

  5. Heather ur letter made me laugh. Its so doublesided and biased that i feel your pain, i do like Brets take on the position that they're in but why keep the other unvaxxed narrative still going its absurd.

  6. American people can only obsess and mob-up over one thing at a time. Even though no member of the Church of Woke Leftism can identify ukraine on a map or explain anything about its history, God (the democrat president) and his bluecheck preachers told the Woke sheep to hate putin and thus hate Russia and thus hate Russians and thus punish ourselves by embargoing Russia and Russian goods – including oil. Free people cannot force themselves to not buy things, let alone from a certain country – unless their countries are formally at war against each other. And that didn’t stop IBM from selling to the Nazis during ww2. But I have no right to tell you that you cannot buy a Cuban cigar. And vice versa.

  7. Have you Heather and Bret thought of moving to blue state. TO BE IN A NORMAL STATE? Or TO KEEP illegals from changing election outcomes ? Or just warm blue relaxing state?

  8. Bret you made point about kids seeing full facial expressions, make proper social learning . It reminds me of computers, bot, and IE intelligence faces and voices, are we headed to computer voice and expressions? Ugh!

  9. It's really hard to define the right moment to end mandates when there was no solid reason for instituting them in the first place. If you don't know why you're doing it how will you know when the job is done?

  10. Here in Florida signs on store doors read, “face coverings required”… people had cotton kerchiefs over their faces. What a farce. I never wore a mask because I never believed I’d catch anything walking past someone in a supermarket. Social distancing…another farce. Covid policies, fear inducing propaganda, wiped out any remaining trust or respect I might have still have had for government, the medical profession/pharmaceutical industry.

  11. I’m in Camas, WA…just like OR, our mandates were lifted 11:59 pm 3/12/22. My son is in 6th grade, and Mon was his mask less debut. Sadly, he said he wanted to bring his mask with him “in case someone was uncomfortable” with him being maskless. I told him NO WAY, but began to feel the anxiety he must be dealing with. I dropped him at school today, and saw LOADS of kids still wearing masks, outside walking to the building. SAD! I feared the damage was already done, looks like it was!

  12. My friend, the mother of 9, is shocked that her kids all continue to wear their masks. It’s counter cultural for them to wear masks because their parents and teachers are no longer demanding compliance.

  13. 18:20 this is so ironic. There are countries randomly opening, and others closing and going for the next round of lock-downs, and I'm like, WTF are you doing ?.
    And I'm literally using it as excuse to not comply, today I went to one store, they didn't ask me for masks, on another I said, well, 100km from this state border they aren't requiring masks, now what ? you are going to put me out for not having a mask, can I talk to your manager ? like come on, you are literally behind a glass, use your fucking brain.

  14. Will you please discuss why ‘the narrative’ continues with masking on public transportation? Specifically on airplanes which have the best air filtration systems and airlines have actual data supporting the non existent to slim chance of transmission abroad. We all know there is no reason or answer but it would just be a warm fuzzy to hear y’all talk about please 🙂

  15. Speaking from BC, it is absolute civil upheaval. Parents have been calling their adult kids commies, while simultaneously being called right wing extremists from peer groups. As one of your viewers wrote, "I don't even recognize Canada anymore."

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