Schools Will REMOVE Jefferson And Washington Names, American History Being ERASED

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  1. Genocide is always on the communist menu. They will eventually target whites outright. You always scoff and say, "That's exaggerated. It'll never go that far." … and then it does.

  2. I’m not a fan of the removal of names and stuff, but let’s not kid ourselves. We erase our history all the time. There things that have happened in US history that I heard nothing about in my 12 years of public school and had to find out online or from friends from other countries

  3. Remember when they said this was just a slippery slope and would never happen? You should since that was like 3 weeks ago… meanwhile these people literally praise people in the past that were completely pure monsters
    We all know what comes next. Rewriting of the history falsifying all records etc

  4. What do you expect from a bunch of libtards. They're just the personification of the useless idiots that Lenin spoke of. I knew Democrats were traitors years ago when they started justifying illegals so they could add to their illegal votes.

  5. "Good! Get rid of it!"

    Maybe we should ask the woman who is responsible for Aunt Jemima's family? You know she is a REAL woman, right? Her great grandson is PISSED.

  6. Even centrists like Tim have to realize that while Republicans won't immediately give him all the left's social goals, at least we won't strip away all of the country's freedom and civility.

  7. It’s like these pendejos don’t understand why history is so important. Yea slavery was a terrible time in history but if it’s removed from history we’ll be doomed to repeat in in the future. Without it existing we won’t understand what it was and how to never repeat it again

  8. I live in the full-on South. I'm nearing my 5th decade and I used to never see Confederate flags growing up. I've seen more in the last two years than all of the previous.

  9. Frankly I have lost all interest in the evolution of the BLM recent drama. But I sure as hell would like to know how Derek Chauvin feels (If he is even able to keep up with recent events wherever he is) for being the catalyst for the destruction of a country's history, up to it's founding fathers. Very impressive achievement for one man.

  10. You can't teach students that Washington and Jefferson are terrible people and the constitution is garbage while having schools named after them. Reality doesn't matter to them, even Math and science are being changed to encourage identitarian propaganda: If people think this is just statues and names and that is where it ends need to realize that the extreme left is literally instilling the culture war to children in our schools.

    If you have any doubt where this culture war is going, take a look at Evergreen State College. This protest was taught in progressive colleges and universities, right down to the demands to disarm the police and it only ends one of two ways. Absolute submission to the radical left or full resistance.

  11. This is not school change ~ it's more of the same…
    The REMOVALS I want to see in schools are the socialist teachers and their communistic propaganda agenda‼️

  12. Wake from your slumber…
    Let's stop blaming 'THEY' ~ it's the politicians in government doing and allowing this coup of America, the rioters are just governments dupe tools …

  13. 2:00 Aunt Jemima was based on a famous well to do black woman who did well for herself and it was meant to make her look better(physically) than she actually was. Not to offend anyone. The "funny" thing is, though, they left the white plantation owner on their other products. Now that's a bad joke if there ever was one.
    3:55 More like brainwashing and weeding out the wrong thinkers campaign.
    6:17 If by many you mean very few(in official stats) then yes…it was 'many'.
    8:30 Presidents matter more, but I don't think companies or people should give an inch to such faux outr*ge….even with changing mascots. Some of us LIKE those mascots(nostalgia and the like), for example.
    9:12 They had bigger easier things to go after than Aunt Jemima first, Tim.
    12:15 or so – Many people are unthinking N-P-Cs conned into thinking the side opposed to them is all or mostly one way(usually negative), sadly.

  14. 11:14 Because they cannot into humor, Tim.
    They often take most things seriously, in the manner of that one "no fun allowed" family member or friend most of us know.

    14:00 And that is one reason they dislike such types. They(the ones against such mascots and statues) likely have many authoritarians among them and dislike those that fought against such….including the founding fathers.

    19:30 They likely want to erase such, even the past good done by others, so they can prop up their own system as the best and near only(if not only) answer to all our ills….all so they can have the power.

    20:30 Ever notice the ones who tell us not to focus on race and such make so many things about race and focus so much on it?

  15. Video titled about founding fathers and ten minutes in youve spent 8 of those minutes ranting about aunt jemima and your fucking twitter joke, jfc Tim

  16. Once again, Tim vomiting up liberal BS propaganda.
    He casually makes the statement "Aunt Jemima is RACIST".
    WHY? Because she was ASSUMED by the REAL racist morons to depict a slave?
    Aunt Jemima syrup was introduced 24 years AFTER the slaves were freed. There was a REAL person that modeled the character and went all over the country for years promoting the product becoming very wealthy in the process. Not bad for a supposed 'Mammy'.
    So why can ONLY slave women make pancakes? That is LUDICROUS on its face.
    Does the image include privileged 'white massa' and his family waiting for their pancakes? NO!
    Can a black woman make pancakes for her OWN family?
    If she WAS a servant could she not have pride in her job?
    What about cooks and bartenders and waitress TODAY? God forbid there is a black one because OBVIOUSLY they are a slave.
    AOC, the darling of the radical left was a bartender right before being elected. Dare to MENTION that and see the response.
    Wheaties cereal routinely has black athletes printed on the box to promote the product. Is that racist?
    Obviously, all of these black athletes were slaves being exploited.
    Sad when internet influencere like Tim Pool condemn Racism out of one side of their mouth and perpetuate it out of the other side.

  17. Knowing that facts are generally not common nor welcome here, I will risk providing a few.
    The blame for Tim's ignorance falls on the school system. REMAINING ignorant is on him.
    Slaves were property. If you bought a plantation in a Southern state, it included land, buildings, maybe some horses and some slaves. You could SELL your slaves, you could beat them and breed them, BUT it was ILLEGAL to free them. You could go to prison if you did. HATE that all you want, but that is how things were and neither Washington nor Jefferson made those rules.
    George Washington freed the county from British rule, which is where the slavery CAME FROM. He freed his slaves when he died.
    Jefferson COULD NOT free his own slaves during his life but he ENDED the international slave trade.
    He created the framework which was later used to free all slaves.
    How about one of the anti-statue ignorant ass holes point to ONE single action that either of these men did NOT do that they realistically COULD HAVE done IN their time and in their circumstance.