Science and democracy are extremely dangerous to power (from Livestream #131)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #131 (originally streamed live on June 18, 2022):



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In this 131st in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. "And if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, will enter a New Dark Age made more sinister and perhaps more prolonged by the "lights" of perverted science " –W. Churchill

  2. The entire medical system is broken when you follow the DickCutterCult narrative of skinning our offsprings reproductive organ and harvesting the cells for anti wrinkle injections!!!🧏🏽‍♀️🐐💩🪝💉

  3. Equilibriums were changed when those that were and are of narcissism in chatacter have ruled and reigned over others..
    Without knowing or remembering that we were gifted love in our hearts but we were told and taught by those that know not love what love is or means ..
    Knowledge without wisdom
    Wisdom to know that without love their is no truth …
    And love of those that people have beleived and trusted in of systems founded by narcissistic intent and agendas has caused divisions…evryone saying and beleiving their beleif their knowledge of love truth and righteousness grace and justice inherited stolen for by murderous abusive vile disgusting false gods untruths all to cover up the lies and deceiption abominations they created the cycle of stalling their known demise by keeping the lies and horrific deception using false controlling systems
    All sysyems all organisations all of the founding badseed bloodlines that are extremely unstable and will always cause kaos destructi9n followed by more lies and deception …
    The hidden are no longer hidden all is being revealed not by others sharing half truths but by the original loving creator that asked us to seek with our hearts
    Love is the measure of good or bad right or wrong and up to this point there has been no love or measure of truth in any pricipality or those in high places …this is neither intelligent nor wisdom…
    Love was given
    Division was taught

  4. Frustrating to watch renowned intellectuals being completely obtuse to pervasive communists(Mob Rule) subversion US is undergoing amidst of plethora of historical accounts records of same, ostensively populists pandering by opportunist politicians eroding all reason, heritage & merit.

    Perhaps they ought to grab a read from Douglas Murray's The Madness Of Crowds.

  5. science = Study of nature.

    Typically the main study branch is Physics then it has sub categories. Physics being the entire physical realm. which is divided into other forms.

    When it comes to spiritual… this si aconfusion for mind.. WHihc all things learned is spiritual….

    Social and behaivoural motives of creating or tmapering teh traits of a person for offspring. Whereas Nigerian butchers, witch doctors killing humasn ot make magical potions is a bit crazy, or china need ot lie and create systems of domaince, which is related to teh corruption of the hans. We are animals. Jsut like tulips wars. we develop traits and those thigns become inherent from the investment, IE mind, body and reading…

    So psychic, or visions or iamgination and seeing , these are operational functions that develop from the societals needs and time…

    The mdoern lie is the removal of time, at the exploit and theft to create infinite heirs at the behest of all teh earth… and its acts, impedeing natural communciation and actions nadrelation, and constnatly driving conflict.. to the point where the naimal side in humans is so sick and there mind is nly on cruel thigns because they have only had cruel thign done unto them. What is material realm or money, then we get the use of tools that empower individual cruel humans by misleading the masses ot constantly kill off inteligence or devleopment, so these huamsn stiffle and creat obstacles and destroy humanitys goal or threshodl or reach point, by the use of cruelty and captial intrigue.. so thus its an entrapment of stupdiity with domanance nonsense.. Peace and war are relative terms…..

    So, the social dynaimics of humanity have been studied forever.

    The best way to avoid conflict.. is not to particapte but do or make it better.. but when your entrapped by corruption whatever you do ultiamtely serves thieves or others that work against the bettern ature or will of a perosn.. and then accuses them… IE look at porn industry… obviosuly sex is important… lets leave it at that… peopel use it for power, peoepl think its for power. but ultiamtely its jsut sex and offspring, so a whore technicalyl ina monetary sense destroys humanity… then we ahve acting and drama, but then thats controlled by a few groups… so the local systemsn of balance are then destroyed by the movements of corruptible and destructive humans.. quashing others by the means of capital.. when fuel and all these other sources are infnite… they exploit and still operate money to manipautle people to die, simply attackign htem by whatever the current era of identity exist swithin teh realm.. So no regard to udnerstanding the relation at that point…

    So… Science is hte study of nature, and we are more impart of that nature…

    THe study of god, is the indelaible things of nature that exist before and after man.. we are the whole gamut of the complex of what we are and ingenuity… is a leading thing by that demand which reveals more and more… even with hwo vast the unierse is, we ahve the peopel setting up road blocks all throughout hte netire society agianst others….

    for what reason?

    Of course then the lamenters are like well your poor so if i give to you I have to give ot everyone…

    well cirminals.. give ot criminals… becasue they have alike lawless appeal… if you are short doctors you produce more.. not belittle and attack all males ina region because of their skin colour that had no act in any sort of conflageration or ill act on anyone in their entirety of existence or parental past… so what we ahve then is a orchestrated attack on the best of osicety imo… to the owrld got what it deserved… more dead fro mvaccines then the later, but pretty sure it would come out for natoher 80 years.. teh exactn umbers.. when we can jsut view the itme period… because yeah most of huamnity is the mass… that attack and destroy and devour by money.. others really odn't help others.. or good men.. instead use them to make empires and ever as ktheir spirit… their mind in theire direction… so you ahve a long … well short history of curel barbarity of cpaitla subjection unjust laws. and arrogance… its like the big bang arrogance because ofhte background microwve radiation.. its like yes big bang is plausible.. but its not a means ot the start of it. and what is the relation of it… We also have a limited view of hte observerable universe, meaning we cannto see the infnite, so we oculd only be seeing a local big bang and still have no idea on teh creation of the unvierse… because… that literally could just of been a massive star or black holes collising… somewhere intehpast infnitium with in the infnite space all these thigns erupting and colliding…

    Science… the study of… nature…

    I woudl say most of youtube is toxic….

  6. Shorter answer: The most important quality for a successful scientist (inside and outside of academia), at least, for the last 40 years is the skill at getting sources of research funding. Universities grant tenure based on an applicant's ability to generate revenue for the institution. As usual, on needs to simply follow the stench of the rot to find its source. This applies to both soft and hard scientific endeavors

  7. democracy? are you kidding?democracy is a joke when it comes to challenging power. democracy is the prime tool of the powerful in controlling the masses and the more direct you make it the weaker the society is actually made ….look at the Russians right now no synthetic MRNA scam BS going on over there. my understanding is they went with an organic vaccine for high risk people and treatment as needed for every one else and they have had no real issues in over a year…..well other than western smears and getting provoked in to a war. point being the Russians are doing what they want to do not what the international criminal NGOs forced the rest of the world to do. the Russians seem fine with the government pretending to count their votes just so long as the government refrains from pretending to pay them. people should not be made to defend their very way of life every other year in some "election' where a bunch of morons can be herded together and talked in to screwing them selves over along with every one else.

  8. It has been happening for a long time. Eroding science and critical thinking. Anyone who tries an ethical approach is shut down. Truth is a side show now.

  9. It seems to be in our nature to take something valuable to humanity and institutionalize it. At that point, it 's a matter of time until that valuable thing takes on a life of its own.

  10. Wow !!!! Great example of two smart people taking 20 min. to "over-splain" a simple societal flaw…. Most humans are not Sociopaths…. The millions of Sociopaths living in the world and giving birth to more Sociopaths (always possible to become Psychopaths) will always strive to dominate and abuse any/all systems of governing to benefit their-own status and agendas… Most humans are barely average in courage and aptitude… They are easily controlled and will comply with propaganda and fear mongering… The Sociopaths and Psychopaths have evolved into a more efficient upper 5% of the social hierarchy, controlling all government, media, military…. HERE WE ARE, possibly the last 8 years of life and freedom for 6+ Billion people !!!!!!

  11. Dark horse your lovely people your truth is strong but I don't sense that it's the full truth ….forgive me better angels rude of me to leave it that way I feel heather was closer to the truth in a short clip about three things the last of which was when your up against impossible odds you can only do the best thing for yourself …..

  12. Money is simply much more valuable than the truth and conscience today. Ever wonder what forces intentionally steered us into this ditch of despair and away from what the heart knows to be right?

  13. Dark matter, dark energy, we cannot admit our calculations based only upon gravity are resting on a false base and are 95% off of reality. We cannot allow that Newton's Laws are already a unified field equation lacking explicit delineation of the charge component, which remains to almost all today, hidden, and otherwise ignored. hat tip MM

  14. Worked for a school district and the term, "in-house," was a favorite. what it actually means is "secret." Keep it secret. Exclude others so the people already working there get more. Information on what goes on, stays, "in-house." Side work for employees to break the law and make side money from their job means the project is kept, "in-house." When records need to be falsified, it's "in-house." When controversial or illegal things need to be done, board reports are not available to the public, but kept, "in-house."
    And so it's a standard, especially, for government entities. but not exclusively. Private employers keep accidents, "in-house." Incidents caused by management that may get them a hefty fine, are kept, "In-house." Reasons why you now have to be subjected to new diversity training, which is actually because of managements consistent discrimination based on race and sex, is kept "in-house." Why employees are mysteriously gone, kept, "in-house."

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