Scientific Journal Editor Who Questioned mRNA Quits After Facing Death Threats!

In a story I’m sure you’ve not heard about, and which speaks to the insane times we’re living in, the editor of the scientific journal ‘Food and Chemical Toxicology’ has resigned, after receiving death threats for publishing an April 2022 study.

In this short video I’ll share with you what happened and a few of my thoughts surrounding it.
Here is the link to the study

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Written by Kam Brar


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  1. So where are the police prosecuting those making the threats? I’m pretty sure its a criminal offence unlike misgendering someone which seems to get a lot of police attention. Those threatening are afraid of the truth and probably suffering buyer’s remorse so wont have any criticism of their purchases.

  2. Well put. It occurs to me that if such corporations are happy to merder tens of thousands of random people for profit, then what is some some critical scientist to them ? deliberate misspelling.

  3. The Democrat goons in ANTIFA, BLM, MS-13 committed riots, arson, looting, murder and even insurrection {remember Chaz} in over 570 cities across the USA in 2020, 2021, 2022 so what make anyone think that a scientist or an editor who posts FACTS would be immune from these savages who want to destroy civilization. To make a Conservative angry tell them a lie. To enrage a democrat into deadly violence tell them the truth.

  4. It is very dangerous and thus very concerning that people are NOT ALLOWED to question anything in regard to the NEW MRNA 'medicine.' And that the people who defend the – DO NOT QUESTION THIS new medicine will go to such EXTREMES as making DEATH THREATHS on ANYONE and EVERYONE who DARES to do any analysis, or ask any questions in regard to this new medicine. Who are the EXTREMISTS? It is obvious.

  5. LOL. I read the study.

    I can't verify whether the editor got death threats or not. I can't find any reputable sources. What I can tell you, is that the editor published a terrible study. There is no hypothesis. There is no statistical analysis.
    The study did not perform any experiment.

    Only morons who have no idea how to read scientific papers would think highly of this paper.

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