Scientist Exposes the Reality of ‘Follow the Science’ | Brian Keating | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to astrophysicist, “Into the Impossible” author and UC San Diego professor Dr. Brian Keating about the dangers of treating science as a religion, how we became slaves to meaningless phrases like “follow the science”, and why imposter syndrome has plagued so many Nobel prize winners. First, Brian answers the basic question of what is science? He explains why scientific literacy has been replaced by combining religion and science. He discusses why the process of science has been distorted to the point of treating science as a religion. He discusses how the scientific process is about rigorous data gathering and why the questioning of “experts” is vital to scientific progress. He explains why Nobel prize winners from Richard Feynman to Adam Riess have all questioned the experts who came before them. Next, Brian shares the importance of the discoveries of Nobel Prize winner Sheldon Lee Glashow and why his explanation of electromagnetism is so important. Brian also explains why there is no such thing as “follow the science” and why you should be skeptical of anything where 99% of scientists are in agreement. The process of science never reaches a single final answer. Brian also discusses the significance of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule and how we can achieve mastery. Finally, Brian discusses John C. Mather and how his discoveries related to microwave background radiation was what solidified The Big Bang Theory. He also reveals the inner details of the imposter syndrome that has been experienced by many Nobel Prize winners including Albert Einstein.

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Prof. Brian Keating
Astrophysicist, UC San Diego
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  1. This guy is energetic, insightful, brilliant, and delightful. Great interview. I will say, however, that if Jesus was not God, then He was probably the most arrogant person that ever existed. He said and showed that He can perform miracles, on the Sabbath, no less, and even forgive sin, which only God can do. He said, "I Am", which everyone knew to mean He was claiming to be God. I believe every word He said. I believe Him to be The Word. Just food for thought.

  2. NEWS MAX RIGHT MEDIA ARE LYING TRAITORS SEARCH YOUR MEDIAS NAMES AND THEIR GUESTS,EXPERTS I FIND GOOGLE IMAGE BEST. THEN SEARCH The big right media right social media repeats as the truth but never say the stories were bogus or that Trump lied. ITS ON VIDEO.
    Fox news apologizes Fox news misleading graphics Newsmax CEO apologizes Donald Trump admits he lied THEY ACCUSE DEMOCRATS OF COMITTING CRIMES DAILY SO SEARCH Republican indictments vs Democrat indictments Who commits more crimes Republicans or Democrats

  3. all started to take down 2020 election period –they dems know it and we know it – my GOD so evil to go so far because they knew they could never beat Trump and they didn't —- but we need TRUMP BACK NOW — enough talk ACTION NOW

  4. That's some interesting ideas. I don't entirely agree with saying there is no scientific methodology. Yes, you have keep an open mind and look for alternative information. However, I would say there is a baseline level of logic and objectivity to be able to discover new knowledge. Without it, you end up with an infinite number of genders. It isn't a rigid framework, but it is there.

  5. Excellent guest … passionate about his subject, and able to bring it to the non-scientific audience. Nothing better than a professor who loves his or her subject.

  6. Not trying to be an a-hole but they gave a Nobel Prize to Obama for winning an election. The future holds that they will award them based on Diversity Equity and Inclusion not merit.

  7. So I paused it as soon as I heard "10 thousand hours". That theory has been debunked the same way the wage gap has been debunked. You don't need 10,000 hours to become a master in something. Every last person is different and so is every last activity. Some people who need 100 hours to master something will need 30,000 hours to master another thing. Some people who need 1,000 hours to master one thing, will need 400 hours to master another thing.

    The "study" that was done was garbage. It had a small sample size and only checked on 1 school with 1 related activity and had no other scientific controls.

  8. You hit right on it at the end Dave…. Dr Keating is the greatest science communicator since Dr Sagan (with apologies to Bill Nye who is damn good in his own right, and probably was better at inspiring kids….J

  9. Moores Law is dead as of 2014.. The observation that computing power doubles (exponemtially) every 18 months was made in 1965.. based on the calculation that transistor size exponentially decreases compared to a chip's processing power.. while cost remains flat.

    Current transistors are so small that we can no longer reduce them in size exponentially.. because we can no longer measure location of electrons accurately without additional, expensive technology.. So that happened nearly a decade ago.. we will not be able to make hardware much faster using that approach. Innovation is now all about parallel processing chips.. but 90% of all existing apps need to be re-written to take advantage of these capabilities..

  10. great to see Dr. Keating on the show. one of the reasons i really respect and admire him is for his courage not to simply shelve, dismiss, or ignore the entire UFO/UAP + the Pentagon phenomenon just because it might seem silly and/or ridiculous to many, if not most of his peers!

  11. Science, or better just the pretense of science, has become the pretext for the powers that be to enforce anything they like. Far too much is made of science nowadays. Common sense is by far more important and hugely underrated. I quote here a short description of science by an M.D. who wrote a foreword for former New York number one bestseller "Fit for life": "Science is only the human mind's attempt to explain natural laws". As long as this is kept in mind, science is great, but if it is made absolute, like what has happened now , it can be desastrous.

  12. what is a population supposed to do when nearly all major news outlets consist mostly of sufficiently intelligent "reporters" who are perfectly willing to lie about the truth and distort reality in pursuit of a common agenda (or are so incapable and incompetent as journalists and reporters that they might as well be)?

  13. (47:01) i have to disagree w/ Dr. Keating about there being "no evidence that we are in a simulation." i think there's a chance that the insane nature and unpredictability of "quantum mechanics" could be part of an incredibly complicated error-correction-coding system for the Matrix (similar to a hypothesis posited by Dr. James Gates)!
    (48:33) btw, i don't think i'd ever call someone who doesn't think Artificial Intelligence will necessarily progress to the point of actually feeling pain and/or taking over human civilization itself a "pessimist!" 😉

  14. I doubt study of the cosmic microwave background radiation helped to develop cell phone technology. Only voluntary research should be done, no involuntary government funding or other types of involuntary funding. I doubt your information is anything I want, stop charging me for it, I don't care if it only one penny, although it is likely much more.

  15. Keating – you need to curate your background before recording, or broadcasting – that microphone and plant in the background make you look like some antennaed alien. (OK, you are kind of handsome, but stuff is sticking out of your head…. Zaphod??)

  16. In you video you identify that spousal benefit is caped at FRA and does not grow between 67 to 70 years of age. Does this also apply to the survivor benefit or does the survivor benefit continue to grow until 70 years of age?

  17. The essence of all phenomena is spiritual which is completely pure cosmic intelligence, which is also dark space, completely unrealized, and we have experienced many people that open their minds enough to be impressed to come up with a new idea, which is actually an archetypical ideal. This idea was always available however, a mind must be open to accept and hold the urge and continue to dream it to fruition.

  18. This interview has simply put tears in my eye's, I've read about, [ imposter syndrome ], and find out here we all have this syndrome in some fashion because we deny our truest identity which is in Christ, this very vague and wholly misunderstood principle is what seems to hinder so many of us from reaching our purpose and intended goals.

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