Scientists Don’t Want To INCRIMINATE Science With Lab Leak: Katherine Eban | Rising Quick Takes

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Vanity Fair’s Katherine Eban answers Ryan Grim and Robby Soave’s questions about her new lab leak reporting.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci testifies before a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing, Jan. 11, 2022 on Capitol Hill in Washington. Fauci, the face of the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic, will deliver the keynote address at Roger Williams University’s commencement ceremony, the Rhode Island school announced Monday March 28, 2022. (Greg Nash/Pool via AP, File)

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  1. People already have lost confidence in authorities. Based on evidence, we know by now the most logical explanation is a lab leak. The more there's a delay with exposing the truth of the lab leak, the more desillusioned we are with scientists. Not 'science'.

  2. The 19 Nucleotide sequence which Moderna Patented in 2017, as well as the 12 Nucleotide Insert-Mutation without any point-mutations being of that sequence and being in SARS-CoV-2, IS a smoking gun!

  3. Its not incriminating SCIENCE its incriminating these ghouls who think they ARE science.. they're not science ! They are the heads of government organisations that represent pharma. Science is a method & philosophy of practice that has been coopted by corporate forces (see the artcle in the British Medical Journal titled "the illusion of evidence based medicine")

  4. When there is money to be made, many interests clash, particularly when crooks like Trump, Bill Gates are concerned, the scientists won't want to be incriminated. Lab leak theory was hatched by Trump to implicate China, hiding the fact that Fauci's GOF was a bold step that enabled us to find vaccines like that of Ebola, sars, mars etc., and promise to find cure for many more. We did gained knowledge out of the greedy moneymakers.

  5. There was no lab leak related to covid 19. The first victim worked at the seafood market, not as incorrectly claimed at the lab. Half the first victims had ties to a tiny area 11 miles from the lab, the seafood market. At the seafood market those working with live animals were much more likely to get infected. Why would the virus leak at the lab but jump 11 miles over a huge city to land at the seafood market? And choose almost only those working with live animals? It wasn’t a lab leak.

  6. If you deep dive into Fauci and how the NIH operates, then you're going to expose the corruption of Government Grants, The Universities, and Corporations, that are all intertwined.

  7. Hey, lets give money to our enemies to create a virus that kills hundreds of thousands of Americans. And no one is in jail, we live in a joke of a society.

  8. We'll never publicly know what actually happened. The only way it comes out is after Fauci and his henchmen are long gone. It will be a 6 part miniseries on the history channel.

  9. Science isn't being "incriminated"; the fraudsters covering for China are the ones being incriminated. When you are trying to quash scientific inquiry, you're not a scientist; you're an activist.

  10. Just more covering up the TRUTH! Theres several people who need to be held accountable for the millions of lives that were lost!!! This type of research should be illegal.

  11. We need trials that are similar to the Nuremberg trials. I can’t see why Fauci should live free ever again. He belongs in prison. As does Anderson. But because we live in a corrupt country, nothing will happen

  12. The attitude was not "trust us" that is what Echo health wants you to broadcast just like you did. If these gentlemen really did not know what they were spending tens of millions of dollars on at 300+ labs worldwide as has now been exposed they are the "DUMBIST" men on planet Earth and I do not by it. The whole this is posturing for "plausible deniability" !!! You know…. kind of like any mob boss hires everyone to do his dirty work so you can never pin the act on him!!!

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