ScoMo vs The Chairman. Dan Andrews. Scott Morrison

Let’s face it. They’re both nerds. But not all nerds are the same. One is prepared to give us our freedoms back for good and one wants to maintain his supreme vice-like grip on his power over us. Will ScoMo remain the jelly back? Or will he whip The Chairman into shape?

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Written by Danger Dan


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  1. He is a dead set uber goober Daniel Andrews he can't even change a light globe without breaking his back and his whipping Victoria's chariot. 😲😲😲Wow send in the clown's

  2. It's about time Scott Morrison called a national state of emergency and removed Dan Andrews before there is a civil war.
    Actually no Civil War because that's exactly what Dictator Hitler Dan Andrews want's so he can sick his Brown shirt cop mate's onto the public and exterminate them.
    Do something right Scott Morrison remove virus Dan, yes He is a germ.

  3. Danger Dan, you just getting bloody better each day my friend….This started a bit slow but once Scomo v Dan intercutting started you had me in stitches. Possibly your best one yet…..Well there was one month's ago that holds top spot for me but this is not far behind.

    Oh and by the way I saw the new James Bond film No Time To Die today and now it is bloody awesome make sure you go and see it 😁🍸

    I used a special secret service jabbywavky Vax passport 😂😂😂😝🍸

  4. Except Scomo says one thing to our face and another behind those closed doors. He is in on it toxo and waiting to roll it out up there. These things are happening because they are all working for the same people. Not us. Never vote Lib, Nat, Labor or Greens again.

  5. You must understand Dopey 802 comes from an underachieving family, the father was a labour voting hobby farmer, not much inspiration, Dopey is trying to live up to his families mediocre position in the community.

  6. Now Dan is calling those who oppose his tyranny terrorists So has Andy Meddick He's voting for the bill and is complaining he is getting death threats which he will.then say is terrorism

  7. Photos of Bigfoot are always blurry. That's because Bigfoot really is blurry!
    Photos of Demon Dan always seem to make him look stupid. That's because Dan really is …………?

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