Scomo’s push to remove Covid requirements

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Could Scott Morrison’s push to remove Covid requirements be in preparation for the 2022 election?


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  1. Election looming trying to be human but a bit late as controls will be back on if Labor or liberal maintain power. These main parties are never to be trusted again .vote accordingly for minor parties . The major parties are totally corrupt.

  2. I for one will never forget the restrictions placed on us and will Always and forever more vote for a party that pushes for less government intervention and more freedom

  3. I voted for Scotty last election
    As a conservative I thought he would represent my ordeals sadly he has not in any way and has done quite the opposite.
    They also can't ride on good economic managers as our debt is huge and was rising massively before covid.
    Almost every person that voted liberal I know will not vote for them again.
    I think they are screwed regardless of easing of mandates and serves them right.

  4. The mandate issues still need to be addressed, if they arent, all this bs can happen again, and handing our medical over to the who, thats still an issue too, as for the virus itself, its just like any other disease now, it kills the weaker in our community,

  5. We are stuck with high prices, limited freedoms unlawfully removed from us, too much government, lots of small businesses gone, huge increase in suicides, nappied people still wearing the rag in their cars, degraded social skills in children. The flu vaccines are for last year's flu, which changes every year. a flu vax is useless. The national cabinet is not recognized as a legal government entity, it is a way of ganging up on the electorate.

  6. A federal law would need to be passed so it conflicts with state laws. An amendememt to discrimination laws would need to happen to so private businesses can't mandate medical requirements for employment.

  7. I won’t be voting for the major party’s, I haven’t voted for them in a long time, I’m not jabbed, I will never take another jab for anything ever again, I trust no one, I’ve got terrible visions burned into my eyes and brain as what these skunks have done to my fellow Aussie, our political arena is at least as corrupt as USA and that horrifies me. Problem is scomo or Albanesi, we are going to hell in a basket at a great rate of knots, policies won’t change, they will still continue to behave corruptly…………head for the hills

  8. Yep still worried about that down here in Victoria. Need to make sure decisions like that are never made again. Yep you are a part of the minority – many ppl in Danistan who don't accept the unvaccinated in society and still so many unemployed because they believe in personal medical choice.

  9. We all remember how our politicians treated us for two years, like prisoners in our own country. "It puts the jab into its skin or else it gets sacked from work again". I will remember the tyranny as my father and cousin have been in and out of doctors appointments to try to figure out why they're having auto-immune related issues. My mother is having heart issues. Josef Mengele would be proud.

  10. Do not vote for the major parties. We need to clean out the corrupt incumbents- a clean sweep If possible. Vote however you wish. A random.idiot from the street that works for you is better than a corrupt person working against you!

  11. The vaccine mandate in QLD need to be scrapped! Thousands of Queenslanders including myself are still being discriminated against and not allowed to return to their jobs !!!

  12. There is a "subclass" who cannot participate in the community due to their decision regarding a medical issue. Can't accompany my daughter to hospital; can't attend her graduation; can't go to university campuses…. can't go out to celebrate at a restaurant etc. It is not about health. It is about demanding compliance and control.

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