Scott Pape VS ING Bank

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ING Bank has fallen out of favour.

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  1. A scammer recently lodged a tax return and got away with the refund check after changing customer details.
    ATO now investigating. It is believed myGov was the source of the data breach

  2. I know CBA will basically "freeze" any money you send form your account for 24 hours if it's a recipient you haven't sent money to before, even for PayID. They're only fast/immediate if you have sent to them previously. Not banked with ING personally, I wonder if they do something like this?

  3. CBA is just the same.. if not worse…
    Had one service which i had an auto payment set up with, who were inevitably hacked.
    The hackers then used those banking details and accessed credit on my Mastercard debit.
    Similar to this, the deductions were many and varied and LOOKED legit..

    The unusual activty was one thing the banks didnt care for, but even worse was TRYING to make a complaint and BRING this scam to the banks attention.
    They simply didnt care.

    The money was insured either through mastercard or the bank directly

    After speakin to the bank, the ONLY solution was to dispute it manually, and THEN close my account and open a new one.. which then left the account compromised for OTHER services using an auto deduction payment setup. Meaning that while the old card being scammed was closed off, thered be NO access to the account by other verified services, which would then have them log that expected payment as unpaid (obv coz the CARD is cancelled)
    One then must follow up and reset all their auto payments…

    In any case, DONT give ANYONE your details, DONT allow for auto repayments or auto redirects.
    DO it all manually YOURSELF.

  4. I've used ING. To login on Android, you enter six digit your customer number which is visible and underneath that you use a large numerical key panel to punch in your secret four digit PIN.
    Now if you are doing this within sight of someone or a CCTV camera, it will be easy to get into your account.

  5. Its time to relegate banks to the level of a payment service. Specially since any positive balance is technically not yours and totally prone to their mistakes and incompetence; why would anyone have a positive balance? You're certainly not being paid to compensate real risk…. What you didnt know you were classified as a creditor to the bank? Better find out – its in the fine print….

  6. I remember years ago I paid for an ordered in item and did a second transaction at the same shop for other parts straight after and right away had a phone call from the bank asking if I made the second transaction thanks you Bendigo bank

  7. Indias, Kolkata and New Delhi is the scam capital of the world some 90% of Indians scamming another to get ahead in life is essential, In my 30 years of business here in Australia, I'm absolutely dumb founded as to why Australia keeps importing these people .

  8. Would be more interested in how they got into the account in the first place. Scammers trick people to get details perhaps these were hackers. If it's a scammer I'm not to bothered but if the system was hacked once then that is more of a concern.

  9. It's only because of Scott Pape that I have an ING account. Good to see that he highlights these negatives as well. ING really should have better internal security control processes.

  10. A few years ago I bought some stuff from Apple online. As I went to pay with my ING card the transaction declined, I got an app notification and a text saying my account was locked due to suspicious activity and to call ING to unlock it. I Googled the phone number in the text and it was theirs, not a scammer thankfully.

    I called them and confirmed my info and what I was buying and where I was buying it from before they unlocked my account, I even had to tell them the exact dollar amount I was spending to the cent! I went to pay after this was all done and it went through. How times have changed…..

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