Scott Ritter: NATO Was Behind The Surprise Offensive In Kharkiv. What’s Next For Russia?

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. The hostess is confused in her "thinking". Is she for Russia's illegal invasion and war crimes? Or against Ukrainians defending themselves and their country's territory? They have to get along? They got along fine right up until Russia invaded. If "Might makes Right", we're back to caveman times. Russia does not believe in the rule of law. Putin's regime is not a healthy model for the future. Just ask any Ukrainian.

  2. FANTASTIC analysis, and HE got really good when he warmed up.

    Ukr threw lots of reserves on a one off BIG push for a very much needed PR win for the west. It's a tactical victory which makes no strategic diff, altho they got 1000 Km2 land at least, but at HUGE costs.
    He is right – R did a withdrawal, not even a retreat, when they saw a huge concentration of force coming.
    Ukr won a battle, that's it, and an easy one.
    Ukr paid a high cost – alleged to lose a few brigades in both NE and S. Expensive, bcs they have been losing more men than the R maybe 3-1, 5-1 and he said 10-1, we are not sure.
    And we can expect R to respond.
    AND nothing strategic has changed.

    Does this PR win change anything? Great for media but dont change the fundamentals that R still holds the advs.
    Will R back down? No. They will turn up the pain dial.
    Things get worse.
    NATO may just get sucked in, beyond its proxy war. Then bigger shit happens.

    So where are we going from here…. more fight, more blood?

    R will always be the big neighbor at the border no matter what. Well, hope Kyiv, Brussels, London, DC realise this soon.

    And when winter comes, and then 2023, well, he's very right about the bigger geopolitical shifts and EU is in for a very tough time ahead.

  3. Everybody following reddit post about ukraine have more insight and knowledge than this guy probably watching only CNN 🤣. He was underestimating the Ukranian will, he forgot its been 6 mos now and yet they are still winning and advancing causing damages to russia. Somebody need to school this bloke about what happening in the ground there. People seeing daily update before it shows in the TV news networks.

  4. Militarily Russia may be superior and can be predicted to win confidently, but the US was superior to the Vietcong to, never lost a battle but still lost the war due to domestic and international backlash. If Russia is to win they need to overcome similar domestic and perhaps a more extreme international backlash with the addition of the economic problems caused by sanctions.

  5. This guy is a russian troll, hearing him seems russia is the innocent, he needs to understand they are fighting for their survival, he wants you to understand that let the Ukranian lose the war and stop dreaming to fight for their indepndence and freedom. Sadly this guy was kn the wring side of equations. He do not have sympathy for those civilian dies from this unprovoked war of putin.
    Later we all go back and tell this guy that you are wrong. I don’t believed in the middle of the two sides, as a human you know where to side in the good side of history.

  6. An organised retreat would have destroyed abandoned equipment and ammo, neither of which Russia did, it was a rout. As for Russian resources, if they were that good, why are they recruiting prisoners from jails?

  7. So 3 days before this interview, Ritter was interviewed by Judge Nap. on Fox. Said the Ukranian offensive had stopped and failed with 6000 Ukrainian dead. Believe he was talking Kherson and was fooled like the Russians. He was very dark about Ukraine chances to still be a country in 2023. Just opposite of what the consensus is in general. Ritter stated casualties were Ukraine 250-300,000(80,000 dead), Russia(60,000 with 20,000 dead.) Numbers just don't seem to line up with what I've watched on streams. Unless every Russian kill has been videotaped? If Ritter is correct, the Russians are in control and NATO weapons can't stop the inevitable Ukraine destruction. At least in this interview he gave Ukraine credit for a huge victory even if he doesn't seem to believe it will have a lasting affect on the outcome of the war.

  8. How does he know there was a 15:1 kill rate in Donbass? There is no confirmation on either side. Same for this „withdrawal“. Nobody knows anything about casualties besides the MoD statements which are obviously propaganda.

  9. Casualties? Your figures or interpretation of other peoples numbers have to be vastly wrong.
    D Day – killed/wounded on day 1 – storming 5 beaches over 90 miles, 6,500 dead, 9000 injured.
    Over 250, 000

  10. News 15.09.22
    Intercepted call:
    SU: Russian occupiers rape minor girls and dogs

    These are the reasons why no one feels sorry for them when they are killed! They deserve what's coming to them. Good bless Ukraine!

    And Russia wonders why Sweden and Finland want to join NATO.

    it would be nice if they finally started eating each other, thus self-destructing

  11. I wonder why Ukraine has never attacked Russia itself? controlled chaos? Russia likely never attacked Ukraine itself because they were likely targeting a more diplomatic occupation but the likely answer is something to the effect of Ukraine wanting to keep good perception in Russia or war crimes? So much us casual folks dont know about these fights. American occupations are way more spelled out.

  12. I Disagree with this guest on Ukraine losing and Russia winning as an absolute. A second front against Russia is about to begin with Armenia, or Georgia, or Kaliningrad, civil war, or an unknown territory seen at the moment. Meanwhile Russia has to be on guard against a first strike action against its slaughter of a neighbor

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