Scott Ritter on Ukraine’s counter-offensive, Russia’s next move

Was the Ukrainian military’s advance around Kharkiv a turning point in the Ukraine proxy war? Will Russia have to escalate? Has the US crossed a red line with its participation in the war? Military expert and former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate live to discuss.

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  1. I mapped the captured area based on the UALIVEMAP. The whole area in Kharkiv region that was captured is about 580km. Lets not follow blindly what G.I Joe says everyday on TV.

  2. In California and the rest of the dry states, turning OFF the water has long been part of our modern lifestyle. But Europe has no deserts except in their leaders’ brains!

    Thank you for your always courageous, but now DEATH DEFYING work❤️

  3. Has anyone noticed that the vast region of "Cow country" in the North of Ukraine that was recently re-taken by the Ukrainians, with little resistance from the Russians, stops at quite a handy, natural border; a long, thin lake, with a river at each end. I wonder if there has been some behind the scenes Horse trading going on, about who gets where, to end this nightmare.

  4. 1:18:00 "Im happy with the Russian position" yes the same Russian's who have Forged and Faked how many events? BUK 9 Airline attack… Moskva Sunk in Bad weather …. Not Recruiting Ex Cons…. Ukraine Artillerly Recent Dam attack .

    Yeah. Its all Lies from both Ukraine and Russia and Nato and "Greyyy ZOne" and on and on.
    Humans are such decent critters.

  5. Max sounds doubtful that right sector neo nazis are responsible for war crimes. This I find not only amazing but really disappointing considering he has continually spoken of being targeted by British military intelligence for his views. Ukrainian government has a kill list that through its own legislation allows for committing war crimes. How is it happening against Max but the right sector nazis haven't shown enough data for Max to say he does not know who commits war crimes against ethnic speaking Russians. I am at the Wagner and Ukrainian Tornado battalion comparison. Very disappointing Max. It's my last time tuning in

  6. Why have the Russians apparently committed such atrocities against a neighboring people?

    Professor of military strategy Tormod Heier at the Norwegian Staff School points to this:
    – The pattern is clear. The Russian assaults coincide with military forces suffering from weak leadership, lack of training in densely populated areas, little knowledge of the international law of war, as well as great physical and psychological wear and tear.

    Combined with a lack of additional supplies, this can prove to be a dangerous combination, says Heier. He says that the abuses can also be an expression of Russian forces experiencing the war as a lawless vacuum, where might is right and the strongest actors decide.

    – In this image, Ukrainian civilians are demonized, made suspicious and occasionally killed. This may be partly because Russian military doctrine justifies brutal violence when the state's interests are at stake. But also because the basic norms that regulate the use of force within the forces are weathering, says Heier.

    It can be as simple as the fact that the soldiers lack good role models among their leaders, but also that the dissatisfaction with the leadership is great since the soldiers do not know why they are fighting or get the necessary supplies of food, medicine and spare parts.

    Such weaknesses can over time break down the moral compass of many of the soldiers, simply because extreme physical and psychological stress in the units is not handled well enough, says Heier.

  7. Russia have to turn things around. The Kremlin has been too soft and it’s costing too many Russian and Chechen lives!! No more limitations, all boils down to military substance. A mass scale retaliation against the Ukranazis is needed, go Russia go! If you don’t recognize the problem you’re not going to come up with the solution. Ukronazis=NATO and Must be Dismantle!

  8. I hope everyone remembers the date this video posts at the 46 minute mark where this guy makes the remark that it is “knowable” that the conflict in Ukraine will last 10 more months and then Ukraine will lose.

    Remember that when it doesn’t go down that way and then laugh at this guy and take everything else he said as equal nonsense.

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