Scott Ritter: Tensions Between Zelensky & Ministry of Defence

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. The question is, If they already know that Zalansky will never win in this war, and Russia will not stop, why is the west still supplying weapons? are they pretending to be stupid or making a fool of themselves, or are they busy doing money laundering?…🤔🇮🇩

  3. The main thing from the briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense on September 12:

    – More than 2 thousand people lost the 14th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the offensive operations of the allied forces in the Soledar area

    – The Russian Aerospace Forces, with a strike on the deployment point of the 28th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Nikolaev region, destroyed up to 100 militants and nine pieces of equipment

    – During the fire strikes of the RF Armed Forces, the losses of the 3rd battalion of the 66th mechanized brigade in manpower amounted to more than 50%

    – The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the US-made AN / MPQ-64 counter-battery radar supplied to Kyiv

    – The personnel of the 23rd battalion of the 56th motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine left their combat positions without permission

    – Russian air defense systems destroyed five Ukrainian UAVs, intercepted two HIMARS MLRS shells and four Olkh MLRS shells

  4. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, made a statement commenting on the latest manifestations of neo-Nazism in the Baltics.

    “In the Baltic states, the neo-Nazi bacchanalia continues to gain momentum.

    In Estonia, for example, another gathering of former Waffen-SS legionnaires took place in Sinimäe, a military sports game “Erna’s Campaign” was held along the route of the Abwehr group, “historical reconstructions” of the actions of collaborators, etc. A number of monuments to former Waffen-SS legionnaires, including a soldier in a German uniform and with a machine gun in the village of Lihula.

    In the center of Riga, as you know, there are annual marches of former SS men and their followers from neo-Nazi organizations.

    All this is happening against the backdrop of decisions taken at the state level in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to destroy the Soviet military memorial heritage.

    Obviously, the anti-Russian campaign of the Balts is being carried out not only with the tacit consent, but also with the full patronage of Brussels and Washington, which turn a blind eye to manifestations of neo-Nazism on the territory of their Baltic vassals.

    Meanwhile, the fact is the formation of essentially neo-fascist states on the near borders of Russia, cultivating the ideology of xenophobia and hatred for everything Russian.

    What consequences this leads to, we have already seen in Ukraine.”

  5. The British people have been conscripted into supporting Ukraine despite all the evidence that Ukraine is run by a corrupt neofacist government. I saw a huge illuminated sign in Bilston England which says WE SUPPORT UKRAINE.
    The people were never asked their opinions about anything. So local government councils are using taxpayers money on propaganda to brainwash the ignorant.

  6. Scott Ritter's informed opinion on Zelensky is probably 100% accurate. The only problem here is with the lack of understanding of the bigger picture. Even if Zelensky is a joke of a leader, the reason for sending military aid has to do with our cold war with Russia, and preventing that nation from controlling all the energy resources in that region. Amnesty int'l can come in after the war, but right now they are just playing into the politics by believing all the information without proper discernment.

  7. A certain crazy Bandera man born in 1980, Yurchyshyn, is pushing through a bill in the Rada to raise the age limit for mobilization in the Armed Forces of Ukraine to 70 years; they have already decided to use the old men for cannon fodder—what bastards!

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