Scott Ritter – Ukraine-Russia War Longer than Expected

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  1. Jack is put it mildly..

    Clapper us the CIA wasn't Spying on Americans


    Jack and his ilk..

    is the Reason the Country is in the Toilet.

    Enough of Jack's jack off
    Jack is a Waste of Time..!

  2. What..Russia Slow down so as not to get NATO involved..?

    Totally Ass Backwards..

    Put the Pedal to the Medal
    So as not to Give the Gangsters
    Time to prepare intervention


    They are Totally Unprepared

    The Poles..WHAT..
    In a war with Russia..?

    Decades of Rebuilding..gone in 48 hours..!

    And just like 1939..NATO ISN'T COMING… GET REAL..!

    What ..the Romanians..
    Same Same..

    Try to Save the Oil FieldS in Ploesti.. Please.

    I think you got Dis Info Scott

    Russia wants you to say they're gonna slow down..LOL

    who came blame them

  3. The judge's word play never ceases to amaze me:

    "Does Putin…"
    "The CIA…The FBI…Lloyd Austin…Anthony Blinken…and then eventually, the president."

    He constantly acknowledges a chain of command within the United States, but keeps up the mainstream propaganda that every little thing that the Russian military does or plans to do begins and ends with Putin. I bet he believes Putin knows when a private Russian citizen goes to the store to buy a loaf of bread only because Putin approved it.

  4. Since the time Obama won the Nobel peace prize I don't respect any public awards. Also scammers and liars won the Time man of the year award. In my country there are also some corrupt prizes. It's just a propaganda tool..

  5. What a joke it is when they refer to the "president of the United States" reminds me of the Honey Mooners when Norton and Ralph called the head of their raccoon lodge " The Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler" and later Norton said he doesn't need to seek an audience with this leader because he works next to him in the sewer.

  6. Russia is fighting real war with real ways of war and west is busy in covering own mess they have created by covert war by using Ukrainians as fodder. Russia is behaving as a country in war so they do not tell things to media about what they are totally thinking. And west can never say Russia will win or Russia won even when Russia will take over every thing in Ukraine because it is west who convinced Ukraine to fight with assurances of they winning so they will keep hiding the loss of Ukraine by propaganda of greatness of those whom they pushed in war to suffer the consequences

  7. Judge, one thing is what Putin said, and other what he means.
    Saying that the shit nato can intervine in ukraine, does not mean fear, he means that nato nor US cant handle a convencional war against Russia, therefore, those coward will launch nuke and Putin does not wants to destroyed the planet.
    A got a question judge for you and scott:
    Who is the guardian of the US Constitution? Because i saw Obama wiped his ass with the constitution and biden.trump on 2024 needs to lock up those war criminal

  8. I’d like Scott’s views on why Putin seems to be dragging it on , an reply to my view ?
    The special op is stopping USA plan to have a dagger at Moscow , so the economic war waged by the west .
    Putin found it caused world prices to soar in fact making Russia richer than eve.r with big clout .
    Now Scott knows at end of war an Russia control over ukr , as t always does things settle prices drop but we all know USA sanctions etc will carry on indefinitely !!!!!!!!
    So Russia would lose income ! So war a atritious war little cost in men but destroy ukr is in Putins interest .

    Second Scott he cannot say this out loud unlike the muderous USA he’d be dammed for ever ,so is under pressure from his own forces gov and allies to end it but must stay mute
    Do you agree ?

  9. As long as the National Guard is activated by the President for 6 months or less, the activated troops are not entitled to veteran's benefits. They are not considered veterans.

  10. The uke leadership and military activity reminds me more of Saddam Hussain or nkvd than Adolph. Ukrainian nationalism gor started and went full tilt after ww1. It predates Bandera. The banderites also remind me of the Ustache in Croatia. Those guys made Himmler nauseas.

  11. The Russians will never expose their radar frequencies signatures of their state – of – the art anti-missile defense systems like S-400,[S-500,S-550 with hypersonic interceptors] and the latest S-350 which the US will dream of. This is the reason Russia never used their S-400 or S-300PM in Syria against Israel . Perhaps that drone was shot down by a system like Buk M and any other lower grade anti-missile system like Pantsir system in an integrated system which may act as point defence of a single object or a limited area, e.g. a ship, building or an airfield, now usually against air attacks and guided missiles. Point defence weapons have a smaller range in contrast to an area-defence systems and are placed near or on the object to be protected.A radar signature consists of information about characteristic echo signals of a reflecting object (target). Like a fingerprint, it is a way to determine the type of target.The radar signature does not only concern the aspect-dependent amplitude changes of the Radar Cross-Section, (RCS) but also the spectrum of the Doppler frequencies, their characteristic modulation or harmonics in the echo signal.


  12. Do yourself a favor and look up Scott Ritter's past.

    Then go back in time and look at his predictions about the war.

    Then realize he's married to a Russian.

    Then come to your own conclusions. Use your common sense here. Doesn't take a lot of brain power to understand what type of creature this thing is.

  13. AND, why is Ritter being a pussy to a maniacal bully? I see no difference in ork performance between months ago and lately. I see sanctions staring to take a devastating toll, the russian economy at some point can not be propped up any further. I see more unrest in the russian population with harsher and harsher mandates. If putin is threatening with nukes, the world needs to drive home to a mind in some parallel space that taken territory is NOT part of the federation and his irresponsibility and paranoia in playing with fire should burn him, and burn him out of office. Grow a few, and start rug pulling. War crimes can not be negotiated away.

  14. So the USA basically attacks a strategic Russian nuclear base manned with nuclear missiles, deep inside Russian territory! With the full intent of destroying or damaging them! It also kills Russian personnel on the ground!
    Does that not therefore give the green light to the USA to attack Russia with even more bravado and force again and again?

  15. Russian bank are now in worry about russian economy(finally!). Russian army still dying in large numbers…We are witnessing biggest fail ever in history of warfare by russian army. These putins pets are losing it and every video is even more crazy then previous. It is so hilarious and I just can't wait next day and next freakshow😂

  16. Hello from Russia… but at the cost of the lives of Russian people….
    yes, we will win.. and the whole world will use it…
    China, India, Africa, Arab countries and Latin America… all of them will receive bonuses after the victory of Russia… but my heart hurts… when I see Russians being killed at bus stops… in stores… after another shelling of Ukraine … after all, Ukrainians take it out on local residents….

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