Scottish Police To Arrest People For Singing


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  1. The Irish are the last people on the planet that need to be defended from spicy language

    After all, 90% of the time it's coming from them! Then after you've soiled eachother silly, they'll invite you to drink until you're blood alcohol level is 100%

  2. Guys, brilliant idea

    I, as an Irish person, on behalf of all of Ireland and Irish folk, am absolutely abhorred! By the actions of the Scottish people. Because of this, i hereby demand that the entire Scottish government resign, for running a country that allows such RACIST comments!

    Beat them at their own silly game

  3. DON'T FORGET, that alot of the people doing this kind of stuff are the very liberal, regressive types that want our society's to fall and are hoping to keep us fighting each other. THOUGHT CRIMES ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN A BUNCH OF CLOSET QUILTS SHOWING THEIR OWN HATRED BY BEING IGNORANT. We shouldn't support laws and measures we disagree with, just because it's happening to someone we don't like. BECAUSE POWER IS WHAT DETERMINES WHAT PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH IN THIS WORLD. AND ONCE WE GIVE THEM THIS KIND OF POWER, WHO IS HOLDING THE POWER AT ANY GIVEN TIME CAN CHANGE AND BE USED AGAINST US.

  4. Isn't it funny how men socialize by cutting the back off each other, but we don't really mean it, and women tend to socialize by paying each other compliments, but they don't really mean it either….🤣

  5. I’d say we’re totalitarian in the west but I think our governments and the people that enforce the law are to stupid to know what “totalitarian” means.
    It’s just idiocracy

  6. Wait. Doesn't our national anthem literally have a verse about quelling rebellious Scots? I would ask if this makes the national anthem illegal in Scotland, but I am sure the SNP would be more than happy to oblige.

  7. "I have Catholic heritage so I can say it" that's part of the problem, one rule for one and different rules for all others. If one can say it, all can. For the main point though, Rangers fans get arrested and the club gets fined for singing songs like "No Pope of Rome" but when Celtic fans sing songs or fly flags promoting the IRA, a terror organisation and predecessor to Sinn Fein, rarely anything is said. I don't agree with bigotry but when you actually look at the meaning of the songs being sung, those under attack and those ignored, it begs the question, "what the fuck?"

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