Scottish school boys encouraged to wear skirts to school

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Scottish school boys encouraged to wear skirts to school. Regards, 🐻


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  1. Man have been wearing skirts for thousands of years. There's no stereotype in Scotland around man wearing skirts. I've been there 6 years ago and they were man dancing with them on playing the bagpipes.

  2. if they had just told the boys to wear kilts of the school tartan, no one would have blinked. Celtic people REALLY hate having kilts compared to skirts lol

    3:20 – love when the catholics complain about men with long hair, given their primary point of worship…

  3. Those people, I tell ya, as teachers, should be excluded from society and purged from teaching. "They are encouraged to be themselves" – while basically forcing them to not be themselves and trying to get them to be someone else. "We absolutely do not want to force anyone to wear something they're not happy with" Yes, yes you are. "Trousers under skirts are authorised" but the skirt is FORCED. You're actively doing what you say you're not doing! F!ck those people and their hipocrisy.
    Stop using children as tools for your activism. Damn those lefists.

  4. The term Scottish, only came into use when Victoria visited Edinburgh in the 1800 and something. We are Scots, Scottish is a slur which the whole nation bought into. Nobody knew what tartans were after the ethnic cleansing and the 100 year tartan ban. They had us all wearing skirts for her, because we all forgot how to fold the fillie mhor. Someone must have said do you think the skirt is Scots, aye said the other, well …ish. So the slur Scot…ish was born. The previous slur was scotch. Long live the true Scots

  5. I'm anxiously waitin for you to check out the Intergender MMA bouts Bearing. And yes, it was the usual suspects, it went exactly how you figured it would, and it was blamed and cried about the way you think it would be. A right circus all around

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