Scottish Woman In Court Over Offensive Tweets


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  1. And to think once upon a time that countries – especially European countries – used to really try to emulate the United States, smh… I would really love to know what goes though the minds of these Orwellian authoritarians issuing er enforcing legal consequences for speech? I mean do these authoritarian tyrants not understand that what they're doing is way worse than anything someone can say or tweet?? I mean all this woman did was use speech in the form of a tweet and these authoritarians used physical FORCE and legal consequence in response to some words.. And who's the "baddie"????

  2. Well, unfortunately this is what happens when you just give up your guns "for the greater good", this was naturally the next step toward the totalitarian state, I mean this would never happen in the United States. Yea, I know we have problems here in the states too but we're still many moons away from people being arrested and charged for tweets or speech in general – but we still have our guns, and as they say the Second Amendment protects the others. Of course that's why here in the States the democrats want to ban guns, because they would like to make some changes to our civil rights and regulating speech is one of them, but I don't anticipate anything of the sort will happen anytime soon or at least in the near future because the right to free speech, the right to keep and carry arms and the protection of our rights and liberties is really ingrained into our culture.. I mean the governments not stupid, they know they can only go so far – and even if they do step over the line, we have a Supreme Court which will push them back..

  3. The fact that a lot of these comments are focused more on trans people rather than her getting locked up for a tweet, just shows people really don’t care if her rights were violated or not: this is just another excuse for uneducated people to dump on transgender people, guess some people really never got past the 2016 libtard ownage phase

  4. This reminds me of the case of a lady who was an activist in favor of homosexual marriage in California, there were two referendums and in both the people of California refused to legalize homosexual marriage, despite all the support of the media and celebrities, it was legalized by a homosexual judge who wanted to marry her boyfriend. The lady in question was a prominent activist and leader of the movement, but that was until she realized that when homosexual marriage was approved, a series of measures typical of a totalitarian state were approved, starting with sex education in elementary school, she He was an activist in favor of having conscientious adults marry, but did not realize that this implied changing the plans for sex education, loss of parental authority, and LGBT indoctrination for children and adolescents. In the end, the very LGBT movement that she led ended up marginalizing and trampling her.

  5. Although I despize this whiney tomboy angry at the World because no good man wants them feminists. How ever I support hir rights and wish hir good luck. Also this settles it I am learning mandarin as the west is fucked…. hail future Chinese overlords

  6. this is what you get when the gov is listening only to those soft crybabys who find everything in life offensive, like my parents sayd to me when i was a child, if you dont like it go away, same can be applied to those twitter idiots, if you dont like the tweet done read it anymore and move on with your life

  7. After a picture of Stalin was shown, all clapped, after eleven minute a man stopped, the NKVD arrested him the next day got five years in the Gulag, so if you see a Trans start clapping and do not stop.

  8. arent you the guy who had to pay a fine for yelling sieg heil and throwing the nazi salute over and over again while laughing your ass off?

    also, yeah, you re spot on, that crazy gay actor who supports trans rights and is thus doxxed by marion millar, and receives personal threads by her feminazi hategroup is really a telling sign of how trans people (although the guy isnt even trans, hes just a regular guy) cant handle a joke.

    and doxxing people is always a hilarious joke; marion was just like; hahaha, heres the adress of this person who i politically disagree with. and then her feminazi friends felt motivated to actually do harass him, so, hahaha. hilarious.
    those crazy lefties and their unreasonable opposition to being doxxed and stalked by far right extremists.

    marion took the piss and took a deal, her free speech was so impaired, by her not knowing any way to explain why she randomly doxxes someone; which she obviously could have done easiely, but there was a bail, she couldnt possibly pay… especially not with the 14k+ pounds she gained in fundraisers… to help with the legal proceedings…. which there were none…. because she took a deal…
    but if she could have paid, she would have told them, told them that she only doxxed the guy for a joke, it was very funny, it was definitely not meant to be threatening in any way in order to prevent the guy from expressing his opinion without putting his personal safety in jeopardy.
    but you know those judges, with their leftist, pro transgender agenda, they would have likely ignored her human rights and just said, yo, you cant dox someone in order to threaten and silence them, and thus, they would have silenced her, which would have been bad.

    but not only that, her personal info was leaked, which is scary, and it is not a joke, unlike her doxing someone, her being doxed is not funny and a horrible thing.

  9. This is good news. TERFs are among the people who will need to feel pain if anything is going to really change. They would do the same to you in a heart beat. All they care about is women everyone else can go to hell. If this was impacting men they would be drinking champagne. How many of them came forward when the boy scouts was infiltrated ? How many of them will complain when the 50km walk race is removed from the Olympics because it's too hard for women ?
    Men cannot be allowed to stand out in any way.
    How many of them believe antifeminism should be illegal ? Don't feel sorry for them they started this.

  10. Please stop confusing INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS with the misnomer HUMAN RIGHTS. The human rights movement was a useful idiot campaign to weaken INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. The Individual is not the Collective.

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