SCOTUS Guns Down Gun Control – Razör Rants

The salt must FLOWWWWWWWW




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Written by The Rageaholic

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  1. how is it that all these gun bunny bints in California were able to get a permit and able to buy multiple guns despite being in or near Orange County with all those restrictions? It seems to me that they were giving women an easier time in obtaining permits compared to the men considering the restrictions in place and the hoops needed to jump through (on paper. I managed to obtain a NYC permit thanks to a firearms training academy in Queens, NY but it has been since shut down due to ever increasing pressure from progressives as time went on).

  2. The problem is whether or not NYC will comply with NYS laws as currently they do no reciprocate when it comes to firearms permits as it is much easier to get a firearm permit in NYS (I have been forced to go to Long Island if I wanted to hit the firing range until I got a NYC permit which is extremely restrictive) and NYC government is somehow able to get away with this nonsense in having their own laws.

  3. I think we need to put we the people on blast and kid Rock should do another one called shall not be infringed along with the wild man the Ted Nugent on there and just start rolling into that you know every Democratic you know what hole and just start coating the 12th commandment shall not be in French guys shall not be infringed you read the Constitution oh it's it's long you know it's to protect your happy asses from getting butt raped by the Democratic you know people's Democratic party better known as the DNC and kind of put some on check boys and girls ladies and gentlemen a crying time is begin the DNC is about ready to get either revamped renewed with a different set of you know real people in there or it's going to get kicked the hell out of the franchised either of that song with me the ladder is perfectly fine with me considering the fact that I follow history and you know Franklin take him leave him was right those who do not remember history or is doomed to repeat it and I'm good on the repeating of History you know my ancestor put his name on the line when he signed that documentation the first governor of Virginia you know and fear of being hung drawn and quartered by the King George's British government so y'all need all on the left need to worry you need to power and need to get the hell out of this country and and if you want to do a message I heard Venezuela is taking is looking for people to come and visit them cuz they're such a vacation spot for you all have a nice day and as always the 12th commandment is in full effect you do something stupid get stupid prices effing around and find out or y'all laughing around now you find it out

  4. Lived in my homeboy state of NY for 60 years. Worked 2 jobs for years to afford the hig cost of living. Dumbocrats drafted me and sent me to the Nam. Never got arrested paid tons of taxes. But couldn't own a fire arm no way. So moved to Florida escaped the Dumbocrats and moved to Florida where I can own fire arms don't have to wear a mask not in lock down mode. Yea good bye Brandon voters!

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