SCOTUS Hears Affirmative Action Case, May END Race-Based Admissions: Robby, Batya, Ameshia DEBATE

The future of affirmative action is in limbo, as the Supreme Court hears a case that challenges the way universities consider race in their admissions processes. #SCOTUS #affirmativeaction #constitutionalrights

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  1. The real reason why Harvard doesn't want to look at social economic status instead of race is because it would result in letting in more poor kids that would affect their profitability. Most black kids admitted are actually from upper middle to rich families. They are not actually trying to help the truly disadvantaged poor blacks. They just want to make it sound good. That's why they only want to look at race. They are very deceiving.

  2. ‘Affirmative Action’ is a joke! We need the best of the best in all fields to maintain and improve the quality of everybody’s life. Some minority groups have led to the lowering of America’s college standards, because they pressure professors to inflate grades by giving low evaluations, or even by threatening lawsuits. Yes, professors can be ousted because their courses are “too hard.” And Asian students have said for years that our college math courses cover what they’ve already learned in high school. While American graduate schools tend to have higher standards, a shocking number of undergraduate programs are really at the high school level. Ask almost anyone who owns a business and who has hired a recent college grad. The new hires get dumber year by year.

  3. Blaming the education system in poor communities? Why not look at the parenting. You don't get out of it what you don't put in. It's not easy being a parent but that's where the problem lies

  4. She is full of it…racism and a lack of “affirmative action” have very little if nothing to do with any “underrepresentation” in universities for black and brown people.

    If black and brown parents stayed together as much as asian parents and emphasized education the same way asian parents did it would make a dramatic difference…unlike “affirmative action”.

  5. You all need to recognise that that teaching race, values, math, anything starts at the family level. And the breakdown of core families cuz of chronic low wages, rising prices etc

  6. I wonder the same with our elections. These politicians often use race in ways to divide segregate and attack the people and try to push them into voting. They track what percentage of what race vote which way or the other and use this data to manipulate us. If we have created equality in our voting system. It seems more like a way to manipulate people rather than solve their issues.

  7. Why is it when we see almost no white people in the NBA, we all accept that it's not discrimination, white people can't jump. Yet when we see less black rocket scientists we instantly assume racial discrimination must be the reason.

  8. I’m unclear why Amesha would be concerned about discrimination only for one race but seemingly not for another. The point that institutional racism towards Asian-Americans is a problem didn’t seem to land with her at all.

  9. All of this smacks of racism when the real problem is poverty. If you have talent and intelleligence with hard work you will float to the top anyway. I still scored as high as Asian and white middle class kids bc I worked hard but it wooukd have been easier if i could also have had the same tutoring or extra help the rich kids did. To make any race come into it always seems like a pity argument to say the brown kids can't do it. Brown kids with money have no problem. White kids with no money have the same problem. It's not race. It's lack of money in the family.

  10. Perhaps if these elite universities are really that concerned about diversity, they might focus more on not regarding legacies or donations made once race is out of the picture, not a choice anymore

  11. Racists think that, unlike Asians, black people are so hopelessly not intelligent, as such rather than trying to improve their basic education it is better to just lower their required score for admission and graduation at college.

  12. As of right now it’s a catch 22 problem. We need to find a way to get underprivileged students, who are just as talent a college education. Good intentions, but there has been unintended blowback. First, if a student knows they only have to meet a certain academic requirements to accepted. That disincentives that students to compete for that highest possible score. Which equal to lower test scores. To be clear, any demographic of students put in that decision would do the same thing. Second, this leads students not prepared, also that includes of the logistics and mental preparation for moving to a completely new environment and taking the place of a student who was prepared. Then if your opinion is “let only the students with the highest scores get in.” That will have just as much blowback for the mildly privilege or demographic graphics usually not where doesn’t seam to be an issue. That would mean all higher institutional Universities would be 80% Asian.

  13. This woman is just wrong about multiple things. She brought up medical schools as proof the affirmative action isn't significant. But if you look at the AAMC data, black and Hispanic matriculants into med school have significantly lower GPAs and MCAT scores. So they're letting in much less qualified people based on race. It does exist…

    As for the public schools and funding, it is just categorically untrue. Many metro areas have inner city, poor performing schools, with top 10 funding per student. It's nit the funding. It's the environment these kids grow up in, and what their peers value.

  14. California has far fewer white students in its public universities than the percentage in the broader population. WHAT A CLOWN HOST CANT EVEN GOOGLE HER TALKING POINTS

  15. Ending affirmative action would mostly hurt white legacy admission students. The amount of black students who go to Ivy League schools through affirmative action is negligible-3 to 5%. What affirmative action actually does is keep the highest scoring students from Asia and India from getting in, since the legacy students whose mommy and daddy graduated and gave money get first pick. This is actual systemic racism. When white liberals bemoan their white privilege on Twitter, it is uniquely true of them. They then project it onto the rest of America which is largely inappropriate. People in West Virginia don’t have white privilege. When you are keeping an Asian or Indian student out who has test scores that are 3 to 400 points higher than yours, and you only get in because of mommy and daddy.-it’s time to do away with it.

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