SCOTUS Once Again Abolishes CDC “Eviction Moratorium”, Citing Former Decision

They already ruled on this:


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  1. What does a county call a small time landlord who cannot pay the property tax on his 2 properties? A deadbeat. What does a county call a REIT that cannot pay the property tax on 200 properties? A partner. When faced with such a blow to the tax base and government budget, they will not want to seize the properties and be stuck with an housing inventory glut that will destroy property values (and future taxes) for a decade. A county will run the eviction courts two shifts a day, 6 days a week, to get the deadbeats out and bring in the kind of residents that can pay the rent and afford to buy things that generate local sales taxes.

  2. Something for the CDC (specifically) and Biden (more broadly) to keep in mind.
    The Federal Courts (including the US Supreme Court) CAN issue writs and warrants to be served by the US Marshall's Service.
    IF a Federal Court says, "Stop doing THAT", and issues a warrant for YOUR arrest, there isn't much you can do about it. You MUST appear!

  3. SCOTUS isn't "SCOOTUS" this time…hehehe…But, still, nobody in power seems to care much what SCOTUS has to say. After all, any SCOTUS opinion doesn't stand up to GUNFIRE! Cops say, "Fuck SCOTUS", so what I am going to do, when standing on my rights is standing in my grave! Ah, "fight fire with fire", you say! Hmm…

  4. Scotus has no teeth, but is also full of crap… our scotus doesn't even follow its own precedents many times. Also for anyone to say they are impartial, when they are unelected and appointed by a political party. Great constitutional lawyers and scholars, my ass. They skew the words of the constitution to fit an agenda. Don't let anyone tell us what our rights are

  5. We could make food, clothing, shelter, and utilities free for all.
    The down side is there would be no more food, clothing, or utilities, and the shelter would rapidly decay for lack of maintenance.

  6. most landlords are people like me…those who moved from their home for work in another city and now own a house they rent…often we are renting at our new location because we hope to retire back to our homes. Why it is somehow "good" to allow those too lazy to work to steal our property and services is beyond comprehension.

  7. Incorrect. The President does not enlist in, and he is not inducted or drafted into, the armed forces. Nor, is he subject to court-martial or other military discipline. On the contrary, Article II, section 4 of the Constitution provides that ‘The President, [Vice President] and All Civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.’

  8. >Charging rent is banned
    >Small landlords can't afford to keep their properties due to lack of rent payment
    >Everyone is selling their rentals to Blackrock
    Almost like there's a cause and effect here…

  9. Biden ignoring the Supreme Court is a call back to Obama. How many things did Obama do that the Supreme Court struck down only for him to keep doing it? Allot, as in nearly every executive action and half of his legislation he signed allot.

  10. Serious question: What does a landlord do if they can't afford a property anymore because they aren't being paid the rent they relied on but the tenant is still living on the property? Are the banks allowed to evict but the small-time landlord isn't?

  11. The fact that the Democrats and local government just say, "yeah well, come and sue us, we're doing it anyway," demonstrates how weak and fractured the US has become.

  12. The government is just assisting Blackrock in property theft. When the average person is bankrupted for the big guys to take over, that's when rent moratorium will end, for the too big to fail crowd.

  13. DOn't know how you keep getting this one so completely wrong, Styx. I told you in the prior video on the subject, the first ruling was bad because it allowed the unconstitutional action to expire rather than striking it down as a violation of the Constitution immediately. It doesn't matter that it was going to expire. Illegal is illegal. And all it did was give the CDC a chance to refresh the moratorium. Even this new ruling is trash because it still only targets the CDC. What if the DHS issues a moratorium next? Back in "court" for another year? And how can you recognize the fact that even Congress doesn't have the authority to do this yet still give the Supreme "Court" a pass? It's unconstitutional! They should have ruled it as such so that NO PART of government can ever do it again. Why is it that only the will of the people gets struck down permanently?

  14. Yes, the Far Right SCOTUS that just bukakked Exigent Circumstances with a 9-0 against LEO entering anyone's domicilewithout a warrant under any conditions.
    The far right group that sided with a student's right to be trashy bitch outside of school without feaer reprisal from her school in an 8-1 decision.

  15. 🤔 Good move by SCOTUS. But this will likely be the last time Biden gives them legal & necessary decisions for a very long time. Communist abuse in the US is spreading via these criminal sleazeballs & this decision will be their demented justification to further bypass the law to carry out even more deceitful, illegal & inhumane acts against Americans. 2022 – OUT

  16. To pay the landlord. Congress and the President should donate their salary and all monies they make from speaking engagements, book deals and appearances fee

  17. This Government doesn't think they should go by the Constitution what other in the Constitution do they wish to ignore. so fare it looks like everything and SCOTUS better step up and protect it. It's not about far right or far left it's about the Constitution.

  18. If the gobmint wants to provide rent relief, they need to provide grants to pay landlords, not take away landlords' legal revenue. But they don't want to do that because they've already spent all the tax revenue and sold the rest of the country out to China.

  19. Except this time the House communists are not out in the streets with their Teslas, coifed hairdos and manicured nails (which look like eagle talons)…pretending to be "camping" with the homeless people. Where did they go? Where are Cori Bush and AOC?
    The bad news with this ruling is that there are now so many squatters to be evicted that eviction cases are backlogged 4-6 months.
    In one case I know of locally, a landlord who is now out of more than $21,600 in lost rent and facing a $4000 attorney charge to get a February, 2022 court date for eviction (which would then issue a 30 day order to evict)…he has, instead, offered the delinquent renter $4000 to move out in 10 days! The tenant agreed!
    So, after 18 months of not paying rent (while collecting state and federal unemployment benefits and three "stimulus" payments) the tenant will now be PAID $4000 to move out! And the landlord considers this a VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So glad I am retired and my home, boat and car are paid for. Time to go fishing.

  20. I can tell you that, locally, here in Florida a lot of landlords had already solved this problem. Many of the landlords invested in their rental properties when the housing collapse, which hit Florida particularly hard, drove down real estate prices to half what they were in 2007 (or even less). The tightened lending requirements of 2008-2015 made it more difficult to buy homes and there were LOTS of rental properties.
    The economy recovered under Trump and the homes they bought in 2008-2015 are now worth 2-3 times what they were purchased for AND we have a huge influx of people moving to Florida from oppressive states. The landlords simply sold the properties to people moving in who would use the homes as their primary residence…and laughed all the way to the bank. The deadbeats were not "evicted", they simply no longer had a lease on the property. Bye!
    This SCOTUS ruling is good, but came too late for many "mom & pop" landlords now scrambling to find ways to recoup their losses.

  21. I left your channel a long time ago because you became an out of touch broken record. I decided to see what you're up to today, and am horrified at how stupid you've become. I'm saying this from a place of love, though it may be hard to believe.

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