SCOTUS Tosses Texas Election Case on Procedural Basis

The case will probably be retooled:


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  1. It's always been about the constitutionality of the straight injunction writs that went against the states own voting laws. It's also a question of the 14th…equal protection laws; see Gore vs Bush. You cant treat voters differently county too county…mail in ballots alone are abhorrent to the 14th.

  2. Styx… by your logic of standing:
    No stare could challenge another state that amended their census laws to count every citizen as 4 & quadruple their electoral votes

  3. Moral Hazard seems a reasonable basis – not to mention we all have the same federal government, and if its leadership is elected fraudulently or illegally, everyone suffers.

  4. Now that the evidence is out there, the people need to step up before the midterms, and get their state legislatures to move toward restricting or banning mail-in ballots, and banning Dominion and its related software. And if their Republication legislators are, as we've frequently seen lately, the do-nothing type, they should take steps to get them primaried out. I do see Trump himself taking a major role in these campaigns, since it would be in his best interests as well. Hopefully, then, there will a less corrupt 2024 election.

  5. Yes, Texas was aggrieved. If 10,000 people voted for Trump in Texas and Pennsylvania dumped 10,000 fake ballots then those fake ballots wiped out the 10,000 Texas votes thereby hurting Texas.

  6. If PA cheats a governor into office, that doesnt affect Texas….TX would have no standing since they arent the harmed party.
    IF PA cheats an PRESIDENT into office it DOES affect Texas…and the ENTIRE goddam COUNTRY….so yes, SCOTUS bullshit aside…TX would have 'standing' as a harmed party.

  7. Constitutions are the ultimate law of the land there for are law these states violated laws and that is unequal application of the law which is a violation of the ultimate law of the land. Just sayin.

  8. Texas is not aggrieved? The entire country is aggrieved by the unconstitutional actions in PA's election, which BTW is not a PA election it is a national election.

  9. Thank God, you explained this so clearly. YouTube is draconian to censor views THEY don't agree with! I am slowly working OUT of YouTube onto other platforms. Ditto for my friends.

  10. This is FDR threatening Hugh's SCOTUS with packing all over again. Roberts and the gang are desperate to stay out of the election in case the Senate goes blue and wants to pack an apparent right-leaning court.