Sean Penn Pushes Using Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine War

Academy Award-winning actor and acclaimed director Sean Penn recently appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel show to discuss the Ukraine war and the options available to NATO in assisting with the Ukrainians’ cause. Surprisingly, the noted “leftist” Penn expresses concern that the United States might be “intimidated” by Russia into NOT deploying nuclear weapons and launching World War III.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the Hollywood icon’s bizarre sideways call for nuclear annihilation.

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  1. Actors' psychology is derived from reading too many crazy Hollywood scenarios. Penn, Gere, Depardieu are macro morons with too much presence on the air.

  2. I have a opinion that he (Penn) , sounds as if he has cognitive issues . Not getting a clear understanding of what he’s talking about

  3. Why are they even asking an Ignorant lovey actor ? Is America really that hard up for proper military consultants ? they have to ask a lovey

  4. Ukrainians already lost the war their whole country is ruined and whole infrastructure demolished what is more to lose except human lives. And the more time war is lasting more lives will be lost. There is no win for Ukraine. He Sean Penn is either a useful idiot or has interest of some kind.

  5. 'British' 'journalists' are calling for leaping towards nuclear war – no-fly zone, & more harm to ordinary ppl here – green-green-green no oil/no Russian fuel. They're insane imo. Usually women too, which is the worst sort of wooly-minded cowardice, considering how they're so butthurt all the time at their >collective< lot. Mind you, those big strong men, in uniforms & with security passes here, are among the one's kidnapping, raping & murdering them.

  6. Love ya Jimmy but the policy to the public and the enemy has to be that you will use nuclear weapons if needed. Privately, your policy should be that you would never use nuclear weapons (but your enemy cannot know this).

  7. I really wish people like jimmy stopped pretending you cant be a left wing authoritarian.

    you dont need to be right wing to be authoritarian.

    right wing does not equal bad.

  8. You are manipulating here: Penn said more then you presented, namely that we cannot let Putin terrorize us with the threat of using nuclear weapons. Because he uses this threat to achive his political goals which is restoring of Russian Empire and conquer neigbouring countries.

  9. I respect everyone has the right for free speech. But actors have a platform that gives them an unfair advantage. I’m just glad most informed people can decipher fact from fiction.

  10. Liberals are delusional enough to think that the US will just somehow win a nuclear war without problem. Gas prices will go up, but MURRICA so it'll be fine. Need to make them all play tic tac toe with themselves.

  11. Ehm anyone with half a brain is "for NATO", because NATO is the reason Russia can't kill civilians and place puppet regimes in European countries like they did in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, etc
    And please study some estimations of mortality and damage to economies worldwide if there would have been no vaccine vs what we have now. And then the statement "vaccines are not our way out of this" suddenly seems a bit silly.

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