Seattle Cucks to Communism, Pays off Antiwhite Racist Con “Street Czar”


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  1. Democrats have single handedly turned the Supreme Court from a winning issue to a losing issue. And just when they needed the SCOTUS battle as a distraction from their failed Covid response and lack of response to riots, there are more riots. I'd feel good if I was Trump.

  2. Unfortunate Seattlite resident here, worked in SODO on 4th ave, feces urine, vomit, needles, garbage, and graffiti would more or less line the buildings and plant life surrounding the homeless camps parked in the alley way.

    I recall a lady dropping her drawers and flinging feces at construction workers because "these En with the er on the end bombs" were trying to kill her son…

    A coworker would frequently get into fights with em….no justice as our building would be further vandalized and burgled.

    Moved to work in west seattle, and the mess has recently migrated here in small doses

  3. I live in a state where if you have a gun and a pocket and your over the age of 18 and not a convicted felon you can put that gun in your pocket and carry concealed no permit required.

    There have been some peaceful protests just people with signs chanting slogans but there has been no riots no violence no arson and no looting.

  4. You really can’t be genuinely naive enough to believe that groups such as proud boys and bugaloo are actually “defending businesses “ and not just using thinly veiled excuses to show up to demonstrations and escalate with open carry rifles

  5. The pimp guy: not to worry… he won't have that money for long. Either the IRS will be on his ass for not paying income tax OR one (or more) of his 'baby mommas" will be seeing child support dollar signs! Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't have to start paying child support for kids that aren't even his. ?

  6. And now the city counsel want to hand 3 pieces of valuable public property to Black Lives Matter type organizations. I think at least one of the sites is used as an alternative school.

  7. Are these thugs the Organization for Action guys organized by Obama for the time after his presidency? Krauthammer wrote something in this vein in 2017.

  8. Democrats love sexual predators. That is why so many of them claim Bill Clinton was the greatest president. – EDIT – No need to apologize… Whoppers are good. I probably eat 8-12 of them a year.

  9. Loved MSM stories about MI lockdown protests that only showed the white members of the militia members, while on social media you could find lots of black militia members at the same protest. Yet progressives are blind to that.

    I sadly live in that gulag. ?

  10. You're exactly right about the "within every libertarian is an authoritarian raising their eyebrow at communist rioters". It's a catch-22 problem I've been having in my head lately, and I'm not sure what the solution is.

  11. Rise, America! Your tolerance has been taken advantage of for TOO LONG! Now is the time for intolerance of the intolerant…uh…that was weird…hahaha…But, seriously, you can only give so much before you've given it all away! After 50 years, we're THERE!

  12. Hypocrisy by Libertarians ?‍♂️
    Now you are in love with BIG GOVERNMENT ?‍♂️
    You should be more afraid of THE POLICE STATE than few rioters or gangs ?

    It would be impossible to get rid of a police state when it takes full control ?