Seattle Loses Billion Dollar Company Over CHAZ Unrest, Real Estate CRUMBLING

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  1. Nothing makes me happier than to see this. All these woke socialist states will go broke. Keep those policies there don’t bring it to the rest of the United States. An armed community is polite community

  2. Lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my adult life and honestly Seattle becoming like Detroit would be the best thing ever for the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Businesses should move their corporate HQ's out of major Democratic ran cities. Can you imagine how screwed NYC would be if the financial district packs up and leave the city.

    I can't believe cops are still taking orders from the same people that are making them look like the villains.

  4. When people and businesses flee Seattle and Minneapolis, they will simply move to places like Phoenix, Boise, Salt Lake, etc and bring their politics with them. For years, I used to shake my head whenever I heard about people in my area (or other parts of the country, for that matter) damaging property owned by well-to-do out-of-state urbanites (i.e. the far-left 'limousine liberal' types) or spray painting it with messages like "Go back to California." However, seeing what's about to come from the most recent exoduses, it's harder for me to criticize that kind of intense regionalism.

  5. Glad you liked Spiderverse, because that was just Marvel/Disney soft selling Peter Parker's replacement.
    Didn't go so well on the comics side of it, doubtful the profits of the film offset the death of the comics industry.

  6. Ah yes…well deserved! Next prediction: they will elect another leftie mayor. And lastly: mass exodus.
    Is this a surprise…TO ANYONE???

  7. Good, maybe the people suffering from job loss will learn from billion dollar companies leave these woke states. Maybe if they learned anything, they’ll elect Republicans. I won’t hold my breath.

  8. "Get woke, go broke"
    The concept is simple: when you virtue signal by insulting and alienating people who have money and are willing to spend it on your products, to ingratiate yourself to a bunch of noisy, penniless, posers who like to scream at everything… you don't get money from the people who have it, and you don't get money from people who don't have it.
    Most social justice warriors aren't consumers of products.
    Pandering to people who are recreationally offended is pointless. They complain for the sake of complaint. The only interest they have in your products and services is how much power they can exert over them.

    Woke movies? BOMB.
    Woke comics? Recycling bin of history.
    Woke shaving companies? Hemorrhaging money.
    Woke cities? Excrement piles.

    Cognitive dissonance rules the minds of the woke mob.

  9. It appears that the problem is not just Seattle but the whole State of Washington. Remember Evergreen State College is also in the State of Washington.

  10. Seattle's labor pool is full of woketards and weirdos. Would you hire an Evergreen University graduate? If you would, then seattle is for you. Run for the hills investors.

  11. Them activist politicians enacting woke policies, letting the damage spread…

    Hmm.. this seems familiar

    …. And Nero fiddled while Rome burned'.

    Ah, there it is.