Seattle PD Chief QUITS After Protest Chaos, Demands To Downsize Police Force

Seattle police chief Carmen Best has announced her retirement during ongoing conversation in the Seattle city council about cutting funding and numbers of police in the city. Tim and Adam discuss the implications in Seattle and Chicago as the progressive left makes policy moves.

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  2. This little fiasco is getting dangerous. How long is this going to be a threat to peace before America's good ole boys tear a page out of Antifa/BLMs playbook and start wearing masks to counter-protests? The protesters are perfectly clear about wanting a fight and soon there will be people who don't want them to go home disappointed. America's enemies are absolutely loving this…

  3. She is the face of Affirmative Action…..she was a horrible PC who pushed for quotas, race based promotion policies and and we see the results…..

  4. She was a diversity hire and promoted left-wing bullshit. She was used as a scapegoat by her handlers and had enough self awareness to leave. She's still responsible for the damage she caused and when it's all said and done, should be in jail with the rest of the Communist she worked for.

  5. Keep fighting these Nazis fuck…fuck the blue protesting in my area 3,000 strong ✊✊ has nothing to do with Trump fuck that has to do with a tyrannical nazi police force

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  8. Last election, before the results were announced, I found myself thinking "Well, if Hillary wins…..Okay, then…..Clearly the majority wanted her……" This year, if Trump loses, I'll likely find myself thinking one word: "SHIT!"

  9. California is repelling the civil rights law so they CAN hire on the basis of race and not qualifications. That means whites will be at the bottom of that list. By the way I’m not white so……

  10. So 1% of police are problematic, so eliminate them all. On the other hand socialism has failed 99% of the time but let's keep trying. Looney.

  11. Chief Carmen Best was probably the only black person that most of the people on the Seattle City Council ever had an employee/employer relationship and these woke hypocrites told her that she could work for 40% less than what they paid her white predecessors to do the same job.