Seattle Police Are Quitting In HISTORIC Mass Exodus Over Far Left Politics And Riots

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  1. Watch how many police officers that stay get paid by criminal gangs to look the other way from now on. Why not the government don't care they are the criminals.

  2. These individuals do not know much about history, EVERY group that tried to pull off this crap eventually got their backsides handed back to them. As a few have already mentioned getting rid of the police is not smart it just will help with people that want to do you all some damage the " come and get it" call is very close at hand. There are certain people that do not like you PERIOD and will be very happy to remove the problem.

  3. When the public, the police protect, either refuses to stand up for their police officers and/or demand the city government take measures to improve police officers working conditions, citizens will have to protect themselves. Please think before it’s to late.

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  5. This reminds me of the OCP cops from Robocop. Really crappy pay, increasing violence, and violent criminals (riots are violent) getting released in droves leads to simply unbearable working conditions. As more cops leave, the workload gets even worse for those who are still working. The same kind of thing happens in hospitals (albiet not as severe) all the time. It's one reason why travel nursing pays so well to make up for shortfalls in nursing departments. Imagine if these cities start paying private security firms to make up for this?

  6. The "lesson" chop/chaz types are taught by carnage and destruction of no police doesn't teach them anything because they've rejected reason and it hurts decent people beyond repair. Those police will not come back like nothing happened "when this is all over". Coming time that the riots be put down with "excessive" deadly force.

  7. One of the basic duties that a ruling leader, government, or authority figure is supposed to provide is protection, either through armed people or allowing/giving you the ability to protect yourself.
    Seattle's police force is falling apart.
    Seattle has hilarious restrictions on firearms.
    Fuck Seattle. Leave before you can't.

  8. "What's going to happen come November with no police?"
    We the people are going to shut their shit DOWN and spank those children like what should have been done sooner.

  9. My advice to cops. Just leave Washington State. Give those commies what they want. Let them realize the huge mistake they made and don't let these domestic terrorists reside in your neighborhood. Let them live in the shitshow they've created.
    Support your cops. They don't deserve this for the few bad seeds that are there.

  10. Not too often the trash takes itself out. Once these dirtbags are gone, conservatives will be free to defend themselves and no-one will be there to protect rioters they can safely burn neighbourhoods down.

  11. Trump is going to win and that city is gonna get burned down. These cops are quitting because they don't want to be killed by a bunch of fascists in the near future.

  12. The police are broken, I do not support police at all. Their tax collectors & agents of tyranny, defund the police & give the people the means of defending themselves.

    The supreme court should take a firmer position on the seccond amendment & make it so anyone can carry a gun on them at any time, for any reason, without a licence. Like when that was written there were no licences for guns, that is a means of restricting peoples rights & should be deemed unconstitutional.

    Every shop owner should have been waiting inside their shop ready to defend it from anyone trying to get in. Like the roof Koreans during the L.A. riots in the 90's.

  13. Good for the cops… yeah… so that means the tax paying citizens can bare arms and defends themselves, still no?

    Ok fuck the Seattle Police too, you walk off the force at least give a poor mom your gun so she can defend her children from child hustlers and rapists…

  14. no, every person living in cities right now should be locked in to suffer the consequences of their actions. don't bring your shit out to rural areas and ruin those too.

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  16. If they think cops were rough, wait until they are being arrested, tried and executed by the groups that take over. No appeals and anyone that complains is the next to be arrested, tried and executed. They are going to love that system.

  17. Sometimes you are so dense Tim, it's called an analogy, Just like ; shit in one hand and hope in another and see which one fills up faster. Nobody's going around shitting in their hand..(mostly?)

  18. “Maybe you can’t defund the police, but you can demoralize them until they quite!” My heart breaks for police and their families right now.

  19. Why is anyone concerned? Let's just outright abolish the police already? In democrat controlled cities. Stand way back and let nature take it's course.

  20. ?OMG the people in Seattle have minimum public safety? I hope the Federal Govt. steps in to provide Federal Law Enforcement these unfortunate people ! ?