Seattle’s CHAZ hit With 5th Shooting In A Week, Armed Couple Defend Property as 500 BLM Trespass

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  1. what is the population of the chaz /chop occupiers? a few hundred protesters, maybe 1000? Now 5 shootings in a week, multiply by 52 for stats on a yearly basis and you have are shooting rate of 260 per 1000 per year. This is higher than anywhere in the world outside of a war zone and its getting worse.

  2. Please find out why the white SUV was there. I have heard things that put alot more in to context. Just have not heard about it from anywhere other then my neighbor who had seen the SUV prior to the shooting.

  3. I can't believe a mayor would get down on that level, where she would read out the names and addresses of people. That's what anti-fa does. Mayors should be above that.

  4. It may seem like Trump won't win, but Trump is going to walk all over Bidden in the debates. This will likely bring swing voters over to Trump for the win.

  5. so BLM can demand he names and addresses of law enforcement but the may can't put out the names and addresses of BLM? f#cking hypocritical f#cktards. you want it but you don't want to give it. cowards. these people have every single right under their state laws, under the laws of God, to protect what is theirs. the problem is, is that BLM and protestors don't care, they're hoping someone is going to do something stupid or dangerous. it's all about he lawsuit. that's what they are looking for. their not looking for justice, their not looking for right or wrong. they simply are looking for the Benjamin's. it's all about money these days, nothing more. these f#cktards are gonna step on the wrong property some day and daisies will be pushing upwards.

    sorry but isn't Missouri a red state?

  6. Anyone considering food storage. Stock up your pantry with things you normally eat now. Emergency food is nice and all but Its cheaper to stock up your pantry most of its got a 2 year shelf life. You could have a whole years worth of pantry food and not worry about it going bad.

  7. ALL my firearms are locked and fully loaded… Seriously, I dare Antifa, BLM, SJWs or Liberal Snowflakes to riot and pilage in my neigborhood! – Go ahead, make my day Snowflakes!

  8. Most if not all of the protesters are PAID ACTORS.
    They are paid by George Soros linked organizations. Report the truth. Evidence is everywhere.

  9. This isn't a "breakdown" between Trump supporters and democrats. This is ONLY democrats being violent terrorists in their efforts to undo the 2016 presidential election.

  10. There is no such thing as peaceful protestor. Half of the "people" who show up to these "protest" are only there to vandalize & destroy property and assault anyone that tries to stop them, and the other half is cheering them on. The protestors allow these vandals and rioters to walk among them and use the crowd as a shield and camouflage. They should all be charged as accessories.

  11. Notice how most of the places where this BS is tolerated have mostly left leaning women, particularly women of color running the city & law enforcement… ?

  12. Prepping for a disaster is smart. I'm buying a home this year, and the first plans I have are to begin stocking up on supplies and get a gun.

  13. Good for them. It was obvious the government they pay taxes to wasn’t going to protect them or theirs. And the kicker they get arrested for defending themselves and their property. The should sue the protesters personally, the groups that made this happen and the government fo not doing their jobs. They will need an unbiased judiciary though. They’ve made questionable rulings since Obama that suggest they aren’t unbiased.

  14. I say the people are ready for a mass of people to charge them.
    Therefore, they have their weapons in the correct position.
    A pointed weapon is a message, Any provocative moves and we will fire.

  15. lived around St. Louis my whole life and I'm tellin yu you don't fuck around with people you don't know just hangin out on the street you either find thieves or muggers. You park somewhere with security, you go where you goin, you go back, you drive away and you never go in to East St. Louis on the Illinois side.
    But ya the difference between neighborhoods is night and day in that city. It'll be the prettiest sidewalk you ever walked on in your life and then suddenly you're in the shittiest neighborhood you've seen outside of a run down trailer park.
    Edit: Soulard is fuckin cool tho

  16. get a 12 gauge shotgun. pump
    reasons. you don't need a license to own or carry a 12 gauge
    if you have a pump. you can hold the trigger and it will fire every time you pump it. and that's why their
    outlawed in warfare