Second case of Monkeypox confirmed in Victoria

Victoria has recorded its second case of Monkeypox in a returned overseas traveller who had visited Europe.

Victorian Department of Health revealed the man in his 30’s remains in isolation at home with mild symptoms.


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  1. It's a male-on-male disease that comes from sexual activity and sexual exchanging of body fluids and only men have gotten monkeypox. Let's call the facts here as no woman has been infected with monkeypox so what does that tell you about who is getting and causing a spread.

  2. Monkeypox being manipulated by Wuhan Institute of Virology. Sudden release into European, British, Canadian and Australian communities. In 2022 "experts" being very coy about it being transmitted by sexual contact, although in UK those who suspect they have it being recommended to sexual health clinics. It doesn't take much effort to put two and two together.

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