Second Presidential Debate Cancelled; Would be Moderator Steve Scully Shows Bias



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  1. At the very least, they both could agree to a digital debate & set up rotating 360° camera views to help limit teleprompt cheating. Not that it really matters if Biden is wearing a wire. This whole situation is absurd regardless.

  2. an undercover Trump supporter finds there are no biden supporters anywhere biden is rejected at rally in Pennsylvania by sea of Trump voters as Trump overtakes him in it and every swing state. hahaha… bernie/biden only have 3 ppl at their rally,. Biden mocks bernie as a socialist for the 2nd time at the rally and a total failure uh oh berniebots media caught lying about biden's support and polls in an act to deceive voters polls are wrong for biden, biden is losing badly to Trump. Trump leads nationally in the polls, it's over for biden. Trump beat biden so badly in the debate that the dems want to have the ability to silence the candidates. bernie bros are having massive meltdowns after biden betrays them all hahaha biden got clobbered during that entire debate… I'll show you why. look what the left are trying to do now (this will backfire badly on the left too & cause more ppl to vote Trump if they do it btw) if biden needs like 20 handicaps in order to be able to take trump on neutral ground then he lost bigtime biden got obliterated during the entire debate, the biden campaign has pretty much ended. llhan omar gets implicated in massive voter fraud in minnesota jacob blake got shot cuz he tried to kidnap some kids and steal a car CNN just got the shock of their life… biden is losing. Trump's massive landslide is coming soon libs hate democracy & are having massive meltdowns hey berniebots, look at biden bashing bernie saying 'he beat the socialist!' confirming to ppl that bernie really is a socialist cuz biden believes it. hahahahaha you still gonna vote for him now? biden/0bama/bernie/dems want supreme court nominee picked immediately… aren't they great? RBG admits that the supreme court nominee should be picked immediately debunking the entire left biden's stage iV Dementia is so severe now he's waving to empty fields of invisible biden supporters Trump gives a preview of the debates between him and biden; biden will be making himeself look like a total fool the entire time biden's hometown union reject's him & endorses Trump instead hahaha Biden's campaign collapses & dems are panicking biden really wants to raise taxes on the poor/moderates Trump triggers the libs by destroying biden with massively hilarious ad a demon has made an appearance at the DNC convention 2020 the dems/biden kick progs/AOC to the curb, dems don't want/need the progs/moderates voting biden 0bama says biden unfit for the presidency look at that 21 point shift from Biden to Trump biden just doomed himself with corrupt kamala harris as VP hahaha it'll be a trump 2020 landslide now Biden afraid to take cognitive test cuz it'll reveal his Stage IV dementia/alzheimers biden's dementia/alzheimers stage IV too severe to debate Trump biden wants to give healthcare to illegals & non-citizens at American's expense biden has advanced dementia/alzheimers disease nina turner calls biden a bowl of shit, hahaha nina will never be bidens VP now 85,000 lefties defect to the Trump Train in the last 60 days most of the country sides with Trump on stopping the left's violent riots, Trump has skyrocketed in the polls, BLM & riots are hurting biden massively

  3. I'm really surprised.
    I seriously thought that C-Span was totally neutral, and Steve Scully in particular.
    I obviously have a lot to learn.
    Such a shitty crooked world we have to endure.

  4. Wallace is and has long been a registered DEMOCRAT (reported years ago in the NYT and just this week in Newsweek) yet Tarl claims he’s a Republican.

    Do some efking homework before you spew.

  5. So, what is the benefit of having a "debate commission"? Other than relieving the candidates' staffs of the duty of handling the logistical details of a debate encounter. How does this commission advertise its "services" for sale? Why would either candidate accept such a control scheme?! Theater!

  6. Let it be known that the dems are so corrupt they're okay to shit on a 150yo tradition of a presidential debate, they did this, not Trump, they're cowards and liars

  7. Funny how a guy out of his mind even before the beginning of his second term still managed to bring down the Soviet Union all while continuing American prosperity.

    Must be magic.

  8. Why are we even caring and talking about these shit stains anymore, America is over they sold us out a long time ago.The fix is in you are all delusional if you think your vote counts.

  9. Styx do you think Trump's relection chances are lower now? I'm voting for him but I really think that Trump will get annihilated in the election because of a huge democrat turnout over mail in voting

  10. I don't think Biden benefits from having NO further debates. The debates with Donald Trump were the only thing getting people to HEAR him or at least to pretend to listen to him. Without Trump, there's no debate. Without a debate, Biden fades into the woodwork and memes. But Trump actually DID get into policy in the first debate with Biden; it was just hard to follow or even hear because of the constant interruptions by Chris Wallace and Biden's weird outbursts and hissing and harrumphing. I think we've all agreed at this point that the election comes down to enthusiasm and turnout. President Trump's rallies do more to gin up enthusiasm and turnout of his supporters than any debate would do. Plus, when the 'never Trumpers' see the Trump crowds in comparison to Biden and Harris' lack-luster support, it further demoralizes them. The only energy we're seeing from the Left is coming from Antifa, BLM and the other rioters and that's not the kind of enthusiasm most Americans want to join.

  11. you just dont understand KISS MYASS MALA was chosen because she would have been the only fraud willing to go along with this joe mental prick Biden farce..any other VP candidate pick would spill the beans get biden kicked out of the race and claim the attempt at the throne

  12. Pelosi is working on a bill to have qualifications for the fitness of a US President. This in order to force Trump out of office if he wins for medical / mental reasons. But like everything the Left does; this too will backfire on them if Biden wins. Just a thought.

  13. It's disgusting how "debate committee" nominates two "never-Trumpers" in a row …and even more disgusting how Conservatives let them do that without saying anything…when are they gonna realize, that 'one man against all' isn't gonna win everything for them..

  14. Its foolish to believe that just because an individual is a "registered" voter, they're going to vote FOR the party they're registered with…there is no accurate "tally" of early votes in any state.

  15. I vote we change the debate rules for next election, we increase the number of them and make each one of them be on 1 or 2 topics. They can spend an hour back and forth on a topic. The moderator only steps in if they are yelling at each other or get off topic.

  16. You know why pelosi is trying to invoke the 25 amendment it's not for Trump because mike pence would never have anything to do with that. It's to get rid of biden so camel toes harris can be president