Second Trump Biden Debate CANCELED, Its All RIGGED As 3rd Moderator Tries HIDING Her Past tweets

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  1. The president of the United States does not show up late. The event was just planned to start too early.

    Events happen around the most powerful political figure on the planets schedule, not the other way around.

  2. Tbh your love for Trump sometimes makes me question your intelligence. Feels to me like you gave up on thinking for yourself and do whatever you can to support whatever he does…

  3. Dude, I am now based in Australia and although the Gov here is packed with many clowns and puppets, there are checks and balances here that make it easier to investigate and remove both corrupt politicians as well as remedy illegal and immoral private sector corporations. Its called independent Royal Commissions. Although it sounds like Grand Jury inquiry, it is truly independent and much quicker and effective, people like Clinton, Schiff, Pelosi, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Bush, Obama and all the other characters we know so well could not avoid such a Commission and if found guilty would have been incarcerated or dismissed a very long time ago. The issue in the US is the insular bureaucracy that protects these fools, this really needs to be overhauled, instead they focus on overhauling citizen's rights constantly. There in lies the ultimate scam they are perpetrating.

  4. Tim, as you had mentioned before, this fake facade of an impartial moderator is so ridiculous. Your solution or whoever thought of this first was brilliant. Let each side pick their own moderator to ask the candidates the questions. DONE !!!! Joe Biden can pick Steve Scully all he wants & we’ll pick Kayleigh McEnany, Candace Owens or Charlie Kirk. BOOM DONE !!!! Solved !!!! How hard was that ?!?! The Presidential Debate Commission is the SADDEST JOKE in AMERICA !!!!!!!!

  5. Presidential debate Commission canceling a debate is them basically saying they can't do their jobs competently. Disbanding the commission and reforming it competent heads instead of complicit ones should happen.

  6. I’m glad Trump declined to do a debate unless it was in person. They want this because they have overhyped a virus and don’t like Trump. They should get someone like Megyn Kelly who isn’t out to get Trump. The rats are fleeing the ship I think.

  7. Welker is at NBC so ofc she's biased. They need to stop having these biased "news" personalities "moderating" any of these debates. There has to be some honest people left in America who could moderate important political debates. NBC and CNN moderate a couple of the debates in 2016, and Chris Wallace the 3rd. Donna Brazile fed Hillary the questions at the CNN debate, so talk about rigged. A former CNN "journalist" got the VP debate.

  8. They would reject Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, as funny as it would be, but progressive Jimmy Dore might have a chance.
    Jimmy: "Trump, why did you do this and that, that was horrible!"
    Biden: "Right."
    Jimmy: "What do you mean 'right'?! You mofo did even worse!!!"

  9. Give the moderating job to Tim or Styx. And just tell Joe that if he doesnt want to show up then we, the American people, will take that as a forfeit. He can go home and eat his applesauce while he awaits trial.

  10. "Franklin D. Roosevelt" let alot more americans die during his presidency then any other president (except ofc north v south) before him (if we forgot it was ww2 ofc 😉 ) is like the point bIden is making about jobs (forgetting covid)